The CEEC is a communion of the one, holy catholic and apostolic Church 
created by a convergence of the three great historical expressions of faith and practice: 
the Evangelical/Biblical, the Charismatic/Pentecostal, and the Liturgical/Sacramental traditions.

Province of Reconciliation 
Receives New Provincial Archbishop and Clergy

Bishop Robert Gosselin Succeeds Bishop Charles Travis To Serve Province

On Friday, July 9, members of the Province of Reconciliation gathered at the Church of the Redeemer - Anglican to install Archbishop Robert Gosselin as the new Metropolitan and Provincial Archbishop. The Province also received and incardinated, ordained, restored and established several ministers.

Overcoming a hurricane that restricted travel and spawned a tornado that knocked out power and internet at the church just days before the gathering (as well as multiple other impediments), those who were able to make it to Jacksonville gathered to witness a solemn turning point in the Province.  

The video of the service is available for viewing.

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Continuing Evangelical
Episcopal Communion

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2.1 Million 
Adherents Globally

International College of Bishops

Bishop Primus
☩☩John Sathiyakumar
I take the words of the prophet very seriously : “Where there is no vision people perish.”   Vision and mission are the great priorities for any church or organization.

General Secretary
☩☩Robert Gosselin
Our diversity is supposed to be our strength, not a cause for division.  Jesus calls us to communion with one another, not just with Him.  We have a greater call to unity … a greater mission to accomplish.

North America
☩☩Charles Travis
☩☩Simon Nzishura
Asia & Oceania
☩☩Allen Paul
☩☩J. Devadass
South America
☩☩Mario Tamayo
Ecumenical Officer
Phil Harris☩
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The CEEC's newest missionary diocese
The Ghanaian word for “welcome” is emblazoned across the terminal building of Kotoka International Airport. It’s a word you will hear frequently on the street, in the homes, and in across the verdant countryside of Ghana. But it is not only people who are welcome. The nations of Ghana and Togo are experiencing a revial – the Holy Spirit is welcome too!

Meet Bishop Dr. Daniel Abban Minnow Ghansah, who serves as the Missionary Bishop for the Missionary Diocese of Ghana and Togo. Bishop Daniel is a Minister of the Gospel, an Educator, and a recognized Christian leader in his nation.

He is the embodiment of varied experiences spanning over the past two decades in Ghana. In addition to serving as the Bishop Ordinary, he also serves as the Presiding Prelate for International Council of Bishops & Apostles, Germany/USA and the Metropolitan Bishop of Throne of Grace Communion of Churches in Africa. It is his goal that the CEEC can be a core, unifying influence on these two entities, so the message of true convergence will permeate the rank and file. 

Bishop Daniel intends to leverage these networks and his offices to promote CEEC programs and activities across the 16 regions of Ghana starting from the Greater Accra Region.
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The Right Reverend
Dr. Daniel A. M. Ghansah

DIOCESAN BIshop ordinary
for the ceec MISSIONARY diocese of GHANA & TOGO

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September 24, 2021
Mary’s Yes!

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