The Province of Reconciliation

An affinity-based province of the CEEC.CHURCH

Archbishop Robert Gosselin

Metropolitan and Provincial Archbishop

When he was consecrated a Bishop at The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, even the friend who arranged the event didn’t know that Robert was the one being elevated to the episcopate.

He’s been one to deliberately take a back seat, preferring to serve in a support role and lift others up. He often says, “True leadership is never about title and position, it is ALWAYS about trust and servanthood. If serving is beneath you, leadership is beyond you.”

Deep pains have shaped him; teaching him that the answers to life’s toughest questions cannot be found within himself. Only the Rock of Ages is a strong enough foundation for a life lived by faith. Only Jesus can lead us in victory by His Spirit. His life reflects what his friend Bishop Tony Palmer used to say, “Diversity is divine; it’s division that is diabolic.” He’s a bridge builder. He loves to draw people back to the relationships they don’t even know they need, or sometimes even want.

Most of all, Bishop Robert is determined to PRESS ON, to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of him … and to invite you to join him for the journey of a lifetime.

Bishop Robert holds Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Master of Theology degrees from Faith Theological Seminary, as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree from Aidan University. 

In the secular realm, he also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership & Organization (Summa Cum Laude) from Logos Graduate School. 

Provincial Bishops Council

Archbishop Charles Travis

Apostolate of St. Chad

Bishop Travis’ Ministry Website
Aidan University

Bishop Misael Carmenates, OSB

Bishop Suffragan

Bishop Misael’s Ministry Website

Bishop Jarod Cruthis

Missionary Diocese of
 St. James the Greater

Bishop Jarod’s Ministry Website

Provincial House of Bishops

Bishop Hizkiel Bhatti

Diocese of Pakistan

Bishop Misael Carmenates, OSB

Order of St. Benedict

Bishop Alan Castedo

Diocese of Brazil

Bishop Jarod Cruthis

Diocese of
St. James the Greater

Bishop Jorge Garcia

Diocese of Mexico

Bishop Daniel A.M. Ghansah

Missionary Diocese of Ghana & Togo

Archbishop Robert Gosselin

Archdiocese of Middle East – North Africa

Bishop Name Protected

Diocese of Jordan & Israel

Archbishop Simeon Nzishura

Archdiocese of Burundi

Bishop George Odihambo

Missionary Diocese of Kenya

Bishop Yepeta Sika

Diocese of South Sudan

Archbishop Mario Tamayo Y Tamayo

Archdiocese of Colombia & South America

Archbishop Charles Travis

Apostolate of St. Chad

Archdioceses, Dioceses & Apostolates

North America

Order of Saint Benedict – USA

The Order of St. Benedict’s monastery in south Florida is led by Bishop  Misael Carmenates, OSB

Apostolate of Saint Chad

The Apostolate of St. Chad is led by the Rev. Canon Dominick Hankle under the  supervision of Archbishop Charles Travis, Bishop Emeritus.

Diocese of Saint James the Greater

The Diocese of Saint James the Greater is led by Bishop Jarod Cruthis.

Order of St. Mark

The Order of St. Mark is housed in Bridgeman, MI, USA. The abbacy of the order is currently vacant due to the passing of Abbot Herb Smith, OSM.

Order of the Reconciliation St. Benedict – Canada

New Antioch House is the Motherhouse for the ORSB. The mission is led by Rev. Fr. Roger LeBlanc, ORSB.

Order of St. Francis, Reconcilian

The Order of St. Francis, Reconcilian is housed in Indianapolis, IN. The abbacy of the order is vacant pending the appointment of a new Abbot.

Ordinariate of St Michael the Protector

The Ordinariate of St. Michael the Protector is an ordinariate of cloaked credentials for the protection of those serving in persecuted areas. The ordinariate is under the  supervision of the General Secretary.

Diocese of the Armed Forces & Chaplaincy

This diocese provides covering for endorsed chaplains serving in the armed forces of their nation, as well as civilian chaplains serving in various roles such as hospital and hospice chaplaincy.

Dioceses in Formation

The Province is always open to planting churches and creating additional dioceses, as the Lord grows His Church.

Latin America


The Archdiocese of Columbia & South America is led by Archbishop Mario Tamayo y Tamayo, and includes four additional dioceses.


The Diocese of Peru is led by Bishop Jesus Manuel Mejia Quiroz.


The Diocese of Brazil is led by Bishop Alan Castedo.


The Diocese of Mexico is led by Bishop Misael Carmenates.


The missionary work in Chile is under the supervision of Archbishop Mario Tamayo y Tamayo.


The missionary work in Ecuador is under the supervision of Archbishop Mario Tamayo y Tamayo.

Middle East & Africa


The Diocese of Pakistan is led by Bishop Hizkiel Bhatti.


The Diocese of Jordan is led by a Bishop with Cloaked Orders.


The Diocese of Israel is led by a Bishop with Cloaked Orders.

South Sudan

The Diocese of South Sudan is led by Bishop Yepeta Nathan Sika, and includes the works in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The missionary work in Uganda is under the supervision of the Diocese of South Sudan.


The missionary work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is under the supervision of the Diocese of South Sudan.


The missionary work in Zambia is under the supervision of the Provincial Archbishop.


The Missionary Diocese of Kenya is under the supervision of Bishop George Otieno Odhiambo.


The missionary work in Nigeria is under the supervision of the Provincial Archbishop.


The Archdiocese of Burundi is under the supervision of Archbishop Simeon Nzishura.

Ghana – Togo

The Diocese of Ghana & Togo is under the supervision of Bishop Daniel A. M. Ghansah.

Africa Mission

A number of missions activities are underway in various countries in Africa.

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