The International College of Bishops

The International College of Provincial Archbishops is the supreme council and magisterium of the worldwide Communion. The purposes of said International College are to provide governing representation and oversight for all jurisdictions of the CEEC:

to give direction, vision, encouragement, and to facilitate coordination, cooperation, and growth, that the Great Commission may be fulfilled.

The International College sets the international direction and agenda of the CEEC, establishes standards and canon law, ratifies the selection of Bishops, validates the creation of Provinces and other international jurisdictions and ministries, and serves as the highest level of accountability for the CEEC.CHURCH.

Bishop Primus

Most Rev. Dr. John Sathiyakumar

I take the words of the prophet very seriously : “Where there is no vision people perish.” Vision and mission are the great priorities for any church or organization.

General Secretary

Archbishop Robert Gosselin

Our diversity is supposed to be our strength, not a cause for division. Jesus calls us to communion with one another, not just with Him. We have a greater call to unity … a greater mission to accomplish.

North America

Archbishop Charles Travis


Archbishop Simeon Nzishura

Asia & Oceania

Most Rev. Dr. Allen Paul


Most Rev. Dr. Devadoss

South America

Archbishop Mario Tamayo

Ecumenical Officer

Rev. Canon Fr. Phil Harris

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