The Province of India

A geographically organized province of the Continuing Communion

Remembering Archbishop Duraisingh James

The late Abp Duraigingh James graduated from South India Biblical Seminary, Bangarapet, Karnataka and began his ministry with India Youth For Christ (YFC) at Madurai. 

He was consecrated as a Bishop on 19 April 1997 at the Holy Redeemer’s Cathedral, Oklahoma into the office of a Bishop for the CEEC.CHURCH with responsibility over India.  Abp James always said that he saw it as a humbling moment of surrendering his life to the responsible office of the Bishop in His church. 

In 2001 he established St. Thomas’ S.P.G. Tamil Cathedral, which is his current seat.

Abp James passed into his eternal reward on May 5, 2020 after a lengthy illness.

Provincial House of Bishops

Most Rev. Dr. John Sathiyakumar

Provincial Archbishop

Metropolitan Bishop Primus – CEEC.CHURCH

Most Rev. Dr. John SD Raju

ICM Church


Most Rev. Dr. Allen Paul

Bishop & President


Most Rev. Dr. Devadoss

Senior Bishop
Shalom Diocese


Most Rev. Dr. James Jacob

Bishop & President
Jesus for India

Most Rev. Dr. Mathew Meagher

Bishop & Chairman


Most Rev. Dr. Vijaya Raju



Most Rev. Dr. S. Gnanaprakasam

Archbishop & Chairman
RHEMA Kambam


Most Rev. Dr. S. Veda Nayagam

Bishop & President
CMC Diocese

अन्धकार से छुटकारा

अंधकार के समय, परमेश्वर के रोशनी मानव जाति के लिए, एक आशा और उद्धार के माध्यम से चमकता है। क्या निराशाजनक स्थिति में भी आशा हो सकते है ? जानने के लिए, इस वीडियो को देखे

A Children’s Worship Song

Bishop Dr. J. Allen Paul, whose ministry includes BLESSING.TV, teaches children a worship song in the Tamil language.

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