I remember waking up the morning of my wedding. I lay in bed for sometime, thinking to myself that this would be the last morning I ever woke up as a single person. I knew my life would be very different beginning on that day. Of course, I had no clue precisely how different it would be, I could not anticipate every challenge and obstacle. But I did know that life as I had known it was about to change significantly and permanently.

Maybe I’m getting older, and learning how to think further ahead. Or maybe I’m just recognizing that major life changing events need more time prep time. But this morning as I woke up and had my prayer time, I was sitting up on the couch with my Bible in hand and a thought came into my head. I realized, with some fair amount of trepidation, this would be the last Saturday that I would be sitting down to have a personal prayer time and NOT be the Provincial Archbishop.

It was, to be totally frank, a rather overwhelming thought.

Yesterday, as I spoke on the phone with Archbishop Travis, I was sharing with him how fully unprepared I felt,  and how uncomfortable I was feeling with all of this. His response, as it almost always is, was comical, classic and uncommonly wise.  He told me, “ If you didn’t feel uncomfortable and concerned, now THAT would scare me.“

So this morning I am taking comfort in the knowledge that God created the universe.  He created all that is, seen and unseen. And nothing is too difficult for Him.

His strength is unending. His wisdom unrestricted. His power unimaginable. He is able to do everything, anything.

What immense challenges are YOU facing today? What are the things in your life that seem insurmountable?

This morning I invite you to join me in considering the absolute magnitude, the incomprehensible greatness, of the all mighty, all powerful, all knowing, ever living God.

There is nothing too difficult for Him.

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