Take a Stand and Shine

“Rise up in splendor! Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

By Bishop Jarod Cruthis

Shoulders back, stand up straight, head up! That’s right soldier, we will never win the war with our eyes towards the ground kicking up dust. God has made you to be a soldier, a warrior, and to be battle ready at all times. We are in a battle for our lives, for the future of our families, our Nation, and the Church. It’s difficult. I get it. It’s no easier for me either. I struggle. I complain. I ask why. I have days where I question if I am truly called to do what God has placed before me. How can I undertake in my natural self, such a heavy spiritual assignment. The answer is simple…I, you, we can’t!

When we enter into the calling of God on our lives, we must realize a few things. First, the battle that we fight is not of this world. It is not a battle against your neighbor, your coworker, that political party, or agenda. No, the battle that rages around you makes no sense because it is a supernatural battle. It’s an ancient battle that continues to weigh heavily on the Body of Christ. If you want to carry the glory, the you must be battle ready. The next Truth, is shown us by the prophet Isaiah. When we engage in the battle, we must do so knowing that it is the glory of the Lord upon us that shines brightly and blinds the enemy. When we stand in the glory, it is the glory that defeats our enemies. You and I are carriers of that glory. It is the same glory that equipped a little shepherd boy to defeat a mighty giant. It is the same glory that saved three Hebrew boys from the fire, and it is that same glory that will carry you and I to victory!

Spiritual warfare is no small thing. It is complex, strategic, and must be viewed through the eyes of Scripture. Our Commander in Chief, Christ Jesus has given us every weapon needed to defeat each enemy that comes our way. He has bestowed His glory upon us so that when we go into the battle, the enemy can easily identify us. It is the one thing, the glory, that the enemy can’t have. He wanted it. He wants it, but it is reserved for those who love and belong to Christ. If I can encourage anyone, it would be with this. The glory you carry attracts attacks. The enemy always wants what he can’t have. Don’t waste it walking around as if you are defeated. No! The enemy is defeated. It has been so since Jesus spoke those final words, “It is finished!” Brothers and sisters, it is finished. The battle is won. Our job, our duty is to hold our heads up, and walk in the anointing of His glory. It is this and only this, that will carry you into your next season.

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