Let me begin by letting you in on some big news. Since you’re reading this on the CEEC.CHURCH website, you already know there’s an audio podcast version of “Mornings with Bishop Robert” because the link to providers like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts is on the main page. But beginning today, the main delivery platform – Anchor FM – will begin hosting not only the audio version of “Mornings with Bishop Robert” but also the full video version. You can view the video in the SPOTIFY mobile app.

I’m excited because now it will really be as if we’re sitting together in my study and speaking face to face. For me, that’s what this is all about. You and me, sitting together and digging through a verse of scripture. I get notes and messages from all over the world with people sharing stories of how our times together have impacted their lives and the lives of their friends. The thing I hear most is people who are surprised by the great response they get when they share “Mornings with Bishop Robert” with their friends. People they thought would NEVER be interested are really enjoying it. As you invite people to share these mornings with us, together you and I are having an impact for the Kingdom. We’re a team.

You might like to know that, in the two short months that the audio podcast has been available, it has already reached around the globe. While the biggest audience is still in the United States, you and I are joined each morning by folk from Iran to India, Pakistan to Peru, Columbia to Canada and lots of places in between. Now that the video version will be available, too; let me ask you to be bold and pass the link along to everyone in your circle of friends. Trust me, they’ll be really glad you did.

One more thing, for the next seven days I’m going to revise and expand the smaller discussions we had from Holy Week last year. Lots of you said that you wanted to have a deeper look at the week that made Christianity possible, and I thought it would be a splendid way to introduce the video version of “Mornings with Bishop Robert.” Holy Week is an excellent time for you to share these conversations with your friends, because lots of people are more interested in hearing about Jesus around Christmas and Easter. You might just tell them, “Easter is coming, and I’ve been spending a few minutes every morning with Bishop Robert. Take a few minutes and watch this video, then tell me what you think.”

OK, let’s turn our attention to this morning’s scripture, shall we?

Love wins. Every time.
In fact, love wins even when it LOOKS LIKE love is not winning!

Tomorrow we will begin the Christian observance of Holy Week. It begins on Palm Sunday, and continues through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and then the great celebration of Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is the most significant week in the Christian calendar, because the Christian faith rises and falls on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Our verse today encourages us to

During Holy Week, there were a few times when it seemed like Jesus was “winning” as He walked in the way of love. Palm Sunday is certainly one such example. Adoring crowds lined the streets to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem, laying palm branches and cloaks across his path like a well-beloved monarch. The way of love was clearly “winning” on Palm Sunday.

But just a few days later on Friday, the picture was completely different. The crowds were still gathered, but no longer were they shouting “Hosanna.” Instead they screamed “Crucify!” The palm branches they had been waving in the air were replaced by the hard wood of the cross upon His shoulders. No more cloaks upon the ground. Now even the one that had been upon His shoulders was ripped away, only to be replaced with a purple robe to mock Him. And though it was difficult to see it, even then – the way of love was STILL WINNING!

It was winning because it was accomplishing the purpose of love. The love of Jesus was purchasing the salvation of all who would receive it. For sure there would be those that refused, but the offer and the provision would be made nonetheless. That is how the way of love would demonstrate that it had won. That is the way His love conquers death.

As we will explore in more detail throughout this week, Christ conquered death and rose again. That’s great news because it impacts us and our lives. Sure it impacts how we live, but it also impacts us when we die. In life, the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah gives us the grace to overcome. His grace makes us victorious as we sail through life’s storms.

Not long ago I was watching some videos of large, ocean-going ships as they passed through fierce storms. Massive waves would form and rise like mountains of water, and then crash over the bow of these mighty ships. As I watched, I recalled a saying I’d heard somewhere; that ships don’t sink because of the water around them. Ships sink because of the water that gets in them. It reminded me of Peter and Jesus walking on the water. The storm raged around them, but as long as Jesus was the focus of Peter’s attention he was unsinkable.

Every life will have both its sunny days AND its storms. When thunder, lightning and waves arrive in my life and I feel like I may sink, I cry out to Jesus. I ask Him for grace. I remind myself of the promises in God’s word. When I need to be reminded of His strength, one of my go-to scriptures is Psalm 18. I love it so much it is part of my evening prayers every night as I lay my head upon my pillow. It says:

I love you, Lord, my strength.
The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,
my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Verses like that help me trust Jesus to keep the water of the storm on the outside!

I said that not only does the resurrection of Jesus impact how we live, but it also impacts us when we die. We can face death with joy and peace, knowing that it is truly no more than moving into a new and exciting realm of life.


If an infant being born could think as we do, imagine how it would see the birth process. It could tell it was about to leave the only world it had ever known. Pains and contractions had replaced its previously peaceful existence. It would be convinced that it was dying.

Because we are here and know what this life is like, we might tell the child, “Don’t worry. What may look like death from your perspective is not truly death. You’re actually passing into a place where you’ll be more alive than you can even conceive now.” We could try to tell them about the beauty of mountains, rivers and ocean beaches; but they’d have no real means to comprehend; they’ve never seen anything like what we’re describing. At some point words would fail us. There’s simply no way to describe the Grand Canyon or Victoria Falls to one who has never been outside of the placenta.

But unseen though it may be to the infant in the womb, this world is very, very real. Imagine if the baby we’re speaking about was a twin or a triplet. The siblings left behind would have grief because the one they have spent their entire life with has passed on. You could comfort them by telling them that the first one born is in a new and better world. You could tell them they’ll be there soon and be rejoined. But from where they live, they cannot see it. All they can know for sure is that they’re gone.

We who are here know the truth. That which is invisible to our babes in the womb is true nonetheless. Those who cannot yet see it, if they accept it by faith, are encouraged by these words. Christ has conquered death. Christ has told us of the place we who are His will enter when we leave this world. The place that all who have loved Him and followed Him as He has walked in the way of love will enter. In fact, several of His disciples have also seen and told us. Of course, naturally, words faith them. Paul said that when he was lifted up on a preview of heaven he saw things he couldn’t even begin to describe. That which is invisible to us is true nonetheless.

Now, as we face many challenges, attacks and difficulties; He calls us to follow His example. He adopted us into His family when we received Him by grace through faith, and He now calls us AS HIS DEARLY LOVED CHILDREN to follow in His footsteps.

As we walk through Holy Week together, Sunday will come and the resurrection of Jesus will be manifested. His victory will be demonstrated to soldiers and sinners, apostles and apostates. In the faces of those who desperately want to believe that He has risen from the dead and those who desperately want to deny it, Jesus’ love will still be clearly demonstrated by His overcoming the grave. The way of love WINS. Because love wins every time.

And our lessons? Even when it may be painful, walk in the way of love. The pain is temporary. The victory it purchases is eternal. Even when it may look like we’re losing, walk in the way of love. When we walk in the way of love, we’re never losing. Jesus never said following Him would be easy. He said it would be worth it.

So, let’s you and I take the Father’s hand and walk with Him through Holy Week; walk with Him as we explore the way of love. Because IN THE END, love wins EVERY TIME.


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