What is the most important appointment that you’ve had recently?

Whoever you are, you’ve probably got some sort of a calendar to keep track of your various appointments. Some are routine, others not.

Quite a few of my friends have recently had doctor’s appointments, one arising out of a car accident, another from injuries sustained in a fall and even a couple dealing with internal issues that will require surgery. Appointments with lawyers are on a couple of calendars. Even meetings with owners of businesses to discuss deals and possible partnerships. All of these appointments are significant and important; none of them are routine, meaning they don’t show up at regular intervals on the weekly agenda.

Routine appointments are not necessarily unimportant, of course. My first call on Mondays is usually an executive roundtable with the Chairman of the family office for whom I work. I meet on Tuesday mornings with a small group of brothers in Christ with whom I share a committed covenant of prayer, encouragement and accountability. Coincidentally, my wife and mother-in-law go for coffee every Tuesday morning. None of these appointments are routine, even though they occur every week.

But I’m thinking of a recurring appointment of a totally different sort as I introduce today’s verse.

I have a daily recurring appointment with the King.

It is the single most important appointment of my day. I have an alarm set on my phone to remind me, I certainly don’t want to oversleep and miss it !!!! One doesn’t do that with royalty and heads of state. But there are many mornings when I find myself waking up well-before the alarm is set to sound because I’m so excited about it. I can hardly wait to meet with Him.

There are some good rules of thumb to keep in mind when you’ve been invited to meet with a sovereign monarch, even if the meeting will take place every day. (Perhaps ESPECIALLY so.)

Protocol is important. There will be an agenda, of course; these sorts of meetings always have them. The one I typically follow is in the Book of Common Prayer; it is called The Daily Office. Its protocol begins with an examination of self and a confession and repentance of sin. And so it should.

If you had an appointment this morning with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I guarantee you that you’d be checking yourself carefully just before you entered the meeting. Men would be double checking their suit and tie (and their zipper), women taking a last glance at their makeup. Of course, you THINK that all is in place properly, but you’d double-check nonetheless.

Then comes something called The Invitatory, sort of like the attendant opening the door and announcing that the monarch will see you now. It is the invitation to come directly into their presence.

It is followed by readings from the Book of Psalms, which is actually the hymnbook of God’s people Israel; and then some other readings from the scriptures. This is akin to the review of official documents you have if you were to have regular, daily meetings with a head of state.

Afterwards comes a time of direct communication. When you’re “with the King” there will always be time to listen; for in an audience of this magnitude, the King will always have something to say. And there will be a time for you to speak as well, perhaps to raise issues that you want drawn to His Majesty’s attention or requests to be made. This direct communication is called “prayer.” It’s two-way, not a monologue.

Of course, there’s another whole aspect to this monarchical appointment that has yet to be considered. The daily meeting is not merely an official one. For you and I, the King is also our Daddy. So there’s LOTS more to talk about, and much more to hear. And it’s not official stuff, it’s family stuff. Sometimes it’s even just sitting together and spending time in His presence. That’s some of my favorite time of all.


The ‘it will be done for you’ part comes next. But when you’ve been “with the King” that can take some twists and turns. Of course, there are some things that only the King Himself can do; but very often His Majesty wants to have you involved as well.

When you’re with the King, He will often give you …
Instruction – Directions as to how or when He wants you to do something
Authority – His permission to use His name and act on His behalf
Provision – The things you’ll need to accomplish the task He has assigned you
Responsibility – The expectation that His instructions will be accomplished.

Nehemiah had a relationship with two kings. The first one had his heart and calling in His hand – and that was the Lord God. The second directed his employment, and that was the King of Babylon whom he served as a personal attendant. One day the King of Babylon could see that something was bothering Nehemiah, so he asked about it. When Nehemiah replied that his heart was burdened because Jerusalem laid in ruins, the King asked him, “What is your request?”

The King of Babylon knew he could trust Nehemiah because he had watched him serve for years. The King of the Universe knew the same things, and for the same reason.

The King of Babylon sent Nehemiah to accomplish the things they had discussed, specifically the rebuilding of the walls and the gates of Jerusalem. That was the INSTRUCTION part.

But Nehemiah was also sent with letters from the King to various governors and guardians of the King’s resources. Nehemiah had the authority to command the governor’s to act in specific ways, and to get what he needed from the King’s wallet. To make certain that Nehemiah was properly received and that his instructions were obeyed, the King even sent army officers and cavalry with him. I’m quite certain THAT got the attention of the governors. That was when it became clear to them that not only was Nehemiah “with the King” – but the King was with Nehemiah.

Being “with” someone only begins by being together. That association continues and carries the authority of the one you’re with. That’s the AUTHORITY part.

The King had sent Nehemiah to get a job done, and the King provided the resources. He authorized timber to make beams for the gates of the citadel to the temple, for the city wall, and for the house Nehemiah would occupy. The King of Babylon wanted to provide for the task AND the servant. He cared for the servant most, by the way. The same is true of the King of the Universe. That’s the PROVISION part.

Finally, Nehemiah had the responsibility to deal with the daily issues, manage the resources, to personally work on some parts and supervise others. In other words, Nehemiah had to get the job done. And that’s the RESPONSIBILITY part.

All of this was only possible because he was “with the King.” You see, being “with the King” always carries a special status, both in the meeting and afterwards.

Here’s the best news of all – the King wants to meet with YOU.

You may be enjoying reading these daily devotionals, and if that is the case I’m pleased. But don’t let MY time with the King replace YOUR time with the King. That would be a horrible mistake.

Oh, I’ve got some good news!

His Majesty will see you now.

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