Love wins. Every time.
In fact, love wins even when it LOOKS LIKE love is not winning!

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Today’s verse tells us that WE OUGHT TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER

We love because we have been loved. We love because love wins. We love because Jesus calls us to follow Him in the way of love.

Perhaps the best and most concise example of the love of Christ is found in the events of Holy Week. Here we see Jesus demonstrating His love when it appeared like He was winning AND when it looked hopeless.

There were a few times when it seemed like Jesus was “winning” as He walked in the way of love. Palm Sunday is certainly one such example. Adoring crowds lined the streets to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem, laying palm branches and cloaks across his path like a well-beloved monarch. The way of love was clearly “winning” on Palm Sunday.

But just a few days later on Friday, the picture was completely different. The crowds were still gathered, but no longer were they shouting “Hosanna.” Instead they shouted “Crucify!” Instead of laying palm branches at His feet they laid the wood of the cross upon His back. No more cloaks upon the ground, and even the one that had been upon His shoulders was ripped away.

And though it was difficult to see it, even THEN the way of love was STILL WINNING!

It was winning because it was accomplishing the purpose of love. The love of Jesus was purchasing the salvation of all who would receive it. For sure there would be those that refused, but the offer and the provision would be made none the less. That is how the way of love would demonstrate that it had won.

Finally, Sunday comes and the resurrection of Jesus is manifested. His victory is demonstrated to soldiers and sinners, apostles and apostates. In the faces both of those who desperately want to believe that He has risen from the dead and those who desperately want to deny it, Jesus’ love is clearly demonstrated by His overcoming the grave. The way of love WON.

Now, as we face many challenges, attacks and difficulties; He calls us to follow His example. He has adopted us into His family when we received Him by grace through faith, and He now calls us AS HIS DEARLY LOVED CHILDREN to follow in His footsteps.


Though it may be painful, love. The pain is temporary. The victory it purchases is eternal. Jesus never said following Him would be easy. He said it would be worth it.

So, let’s you and I take the Father’s hand and walk with Him in the way of love. Because IN THE END, love wins EVERY TIME.

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