“Locked up tighter than Fort Knox.”  It’s the quintessential illustration of the phrase “well guarded.”  But there are some places with ultra high security that will blow your mind.

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The level of protection at Fort Knox is beyond normal comprehension.  The security protecting the $180 billion dollars of gold includes an entire division of US Army troops, the command unit running security for US Central Command and the counterintelligence agency whose mission is to detect and neutralize threats. 30,000 soldiers with orders that allow deadly force.  Jump the fence at the White House or Buckingham Palace you’re getting arrested.  The soldiers at Fort Knox don’t even carry handcuffs, just firearms.


When you’ve angered multiple governments by making their secrets available on the Internet, you’d better be keeping them somewhere safe. Julian Assange’s Swedish  bunker protecting the WikiLeaks servers certainly qualifies. An abandoned nuclear bomb shelter a hundred feet underground, it’s designed to withstand a direct nuclear strike.  A thousand miles of open land in every direction makes it tough to sneak up on. Even so, the Lord God Almighty isn’t guarding Assange’s secret lair. But He is guarding you.

The Lord will rescue followers of Jesus from every evil deed and bring us safely into his heavenly kingdom.  He keeps us from evil, and He keeps our life.  And by that, I mean our REAL life, the eternal one He has promised to guard and protect. 

Not only that, He promised to establish you.  That word usually points to the beginning of a relationship.  Someone might say something like, “Our company was established in 1835.” Or it can mark a significant turning point, like “Our relationship with the Crown was established in 1948.”   Establishment carries with it the expectation of action. No one establishes something and then does nothing.


If you’ve made the decision to follow Jesus, the Crown (the ultimate one, I might add) has established you and chartered your relationship of service. Your service to the King will require commitment.  As you step out into His service and commit your work to the Lord, you’ll find that both you AND YOUR PLANS will be established. The really good news is that it is not here on earth that the Lord intends to truly establish you, but in the eternal realm that awaits your arrival.

Your service to the King could also require suffering; even if only deeply emotional, but possibly physical as well.  We need to keep in mind that, after we have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. That word for “suffering” includes passion and deep-seated emotion.  As His heart is poured into us, we feel pain for the things that cause Him pain; the impact of sin and the lost people who do not know Him yet.

Your service to the King will come with His protection. He will GUARD YOU FROM THE EVIL ONE. 

Heads of State are the most protected people on the planet, naturally. The list of the most protected places in the world includes storage facilities for gold bullion, such as the Bank of England’s Vault, Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. No one is surprised that Guantanamo Bay (a prison for noted terrorists), the Korean DMZ, or the ADX SuperMax prison are ultra-secure.  But a PARKING GARAGE ?!?!?

Crazy as this sounds, the Parksafe garage in Derby UK is regularly listed as one of the most secure places on the planet. Cars get assigned to specific bays. Sensors and cameras follow the car to make sure it gets to the right spot safely, and that the driver is not accosted. Cameras and motion sensor can alert the security team who can lock down every door with the push of a button. It has better security than most banks on the planet, and its the safest place in the world to park you car. It’s located in Cathedral Quarter. 

Whether you’re in a cathedral or a car park, God has your back.He will GUARD YOU FROM THE EVIL ONE, and you’re guaranteed to make it safely home — your REAL HOME — when you’re mission is complete.

You may face challenges, problems and even suffering, BUT THE LORD IS FAITHFUL WHO WILL ESTABLISH YOU AND GUARD YOU FROM THE EVIL ONE.

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