Sometimes you hear about something that “works” and think to yourself – “Nahhh, no way.” Like using a lemon as an emergency candle. Or stopping mosquito bites from itching by applying OraJel.

This morning we’ll be talking about more crazy things that you’d think would NEVER work (but do), so welcome to “Mornings with Bishop Robert” — thanks for joining me. I find that COFFEE works every morning, just as I thought it would. My goal is to introduce people to the Jesus they never knew, and help them get to know Him and His word personally – and better ! If our time together today speaks to your heart, then let me invite you to like, subscribe and share it with a friend!

Some things are not intuitive, but when you hear them they make instant sense. If you’ve ever seen a monkey peel a banana you’ll notice they do it from the bottom, most people do it from the top, which is MUCH tougher. When you try it you’ll think to yourself, “Of course monkeys know the RIGHT way to peel a banana.” Someone mentioned to me that they always throw some toilet paper into the bowl before they go number two, and they’ve never been “kissed by Poseidon” since. Okay, makes sense for folks with western-style commodes.

But then there are things that make you question if they REALLY work or not. (Spoiler alert – THEY DO!) For example, did you know you can use super glue or nail glue on a cut instead of a bandaid? Instantly stops bleeding and seals the skin back together. Electrical tape makes a great cut bandage as well, and won’t come off while you’re working with your hands. (I learned that from a carpenter.) If you soak a hand towel in fabric softener, squeeze out the excess liquid, and let it dry for two or three days; you can use it a dryer sheet for 40 to 50 loads before soaking again. Baby shampoo will unshrink a woolen sweater. Deodorant soothes razor burn. Use toothpaste to take the scratches out of DVDs and CDs.


First off, let’s please notice that this verse doesn’t say “all things are good.” They are not. Cancer is not good. The tragic death of a child is not good. Drug addiction, sexual abuse, war — none of these are good things.

God is the master of creation, every element of it. Like a chemist who can mix two or three dangerous and deadly elements together and make something beneficial. Nitric acid is a caustic, poisonous liquid. It burns tissue on contact. But when properly combined with glycerol you can end up with a medicine that stops a heart attack. Common salt is made up of sodium and chloride, both deadly poisons by themselves. But when they are combined, salt adds flavor to food and can even act as a preservative.

In the chemistry of the cross, our amazing God takes caustic and burning elements, things that by themselves would poison us and destroy our lives – and He combines them in ways that bring forth good.

Now you may be thinking, “Nahhh, no way.” I understand that. Without the love of God and His awesome power in the mix, the poison remains poison and nothing stops the pain. But when God steps in, He changes everything. The best part is that Jesus doesn’t require our understanding, because He doesn’t need us to figure out how He will do it. All He requires is our faith, trusting Him with our pain, sorrow or loss. It’s OK to simply say, “Lord, this pain is crushing me. I cannot deal with it. Here, you take it. Then hold my hand (and my heart) as we walk through this.”

And He will. And He does. And the chemistry of the cross brings healing when you thought nothing could heal the pain. It brings freedom from the addiction. It WORKS ALL THINGS TOGETHER FOR GOOD … but here’s the ingredient — the catalyst — that makes it work .. FOR THOSE WHO LOVE GOD.

It is our love of God that introduces the necessary elements for the chemistry of the cross to have its full effect in our lives. Because our love FOR Him allows our trust IN Him. It makes it possible to trust in the Lord with all our heart, not leaning on our own understanding but relying on His. As we dive into Him and His love, the chemistry of the cross changes the very character of the things the enemy meant to poison our lives and kill our faith.


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