When a nuclear devices detonates, it makes no difference if you’re 50 meters away or 100 meters away. Sure, one of the numbers is twice as big, but It’s a distinction without a difference. Sometimes things are different, but because they make no difference it doesn’t matter.

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Sometimes things don’t make a difference because they are too small. After my Dad passed away I moved the balance of his bank account to the one for his estate. A few days later his bank called to tell me that four cents had been deposited as interest on a transaction. They actually asked me to drive to the bank, meet with a banker, sign some paperwork, and wait while they got a manager to approve, print and sign a check … for FOUR CENTS. I said no. I wouldn’t walk across the street to get four cents. Some things matter, others don’t. Four cents makes no difference.


We have an enemy who is intent on our destruction. How does he plan to attack? It makes no difference. Because as we walk with Christ NO WEAPON FORGED AGAINST US WILL PREVAIL.
He has hordes of demons and mountains of evil temptations available to him. But it makes no difference. Everything that comes into the life of a follower of Jesus is Father-filtered, and things our Father in heaven chooses to allow will end up bringing us greater grace and Him greater glory as we walk through them in faith.

One small example illustrates this point perfectly. King Hezekiah was ruling in Jerusalem when the King of Assyria decided to attack. Hundreds of thousands of Assyrian soldiers and chariots surrounded the city on every side. They were strong. They were battle-hardened, and had wiped out multiple other kings. The Assyrian leaders told the people of Jerusalem, “Let not Hezekiah deceive you: for he shall not be able to deliver you out of our hand!” They were right and they were wrong at the same time!

They were right — King Hezekiah had nowhere near enough troops to even mount a serious battle.
They were wrong — They thought they were going to have to fight King Hezekiah.

They should have stopped when they picked their fight with Hezekiah. But instead they kept taunting and said none of the other captured kingdoms were saved by their gods. Challenging King Hezekiah is one thing. Challenging the God of the universe is quite another. The King of Assyria didn’t know that God (the TRUE GOD) was for King Hezekiah. But he was about to find out.

That night God sent ONE ANGEL, and that angel killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers! When the people got up the next morning, there were all the dead bodies! Not surprisingly, the King of Assyria fled back to Nineveh.

How many soldiers did the King of Israel have? The bible doesn’t even mention the number. The answer – IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE !!! Because as we walk with Christ NO WEAPON FORGED AGAINST US WILL PREVAIL.

There’s a battle coming when the nations of the world will surround Jerusalem to destroy it. Major armies with advanced weaponry. How many soldiers will they have, you may wonder? The answer – IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE !!!
You’ve got battles coming in your life. How many and when? The answer – IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE !!! NO WEAPON FORGED AGAINST YOU WILL PREVAIL

You see if God is for us (and He is) then it makes no difference who is against us. If we walk in His strength then it makes no difference how strong the enemy may be. If He is our shield then it makes no difference what weapons the enemy employs, because NO WEAPON FORGED AGAINST YOU WILL PREVAIL. Ever.

The answer is that IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!!!
The answer is always that IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE.


THAT makes ALL the difference!

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