Can you imagine road signs that changed so they deliberately pointed in the wrong direction … once or twice a week. Or a pain medicine that would sometimes actually make the pain worse … but you never knew when? There are some things we rely upon NOT to change.

Imagine you own a nice automobile. One morning you go out to your car, hop in, pop the key in the ignition and start it up. So far, so good.

But what if you put it in drive, and then had to GUESS which direction the car would move! Imagine if some days your car decided to go forward, as the indicator on the shifter showed, but on other days it just decided to remain in neutral — or even go in REVERSE!!! What if there was no pattern to its “decision” but it was totally random. To make matters worse, what if it could “change its mind” every time you came to a stop sign or a traffic light.

Such a car, even though it may have a fine engine, would be totally useless. In fact, worse than useless, it would be DANGEROUS. Without a reliable transmission, a good engine is worthless. There are some things we rely upon NOT to change.

You’ve got the same problem with a compass that points west … occasionally and unpredictably. Not all the time, mind you; but fairly regularly. Unless you can count on the compass in your hand pointing north — and doing so ALL THE TIME — it’s useless. Its entire value is the fact that it is predictable and reliable. Let’s face it, if you’re in the wilderness and relying on a compass for directional advice, you NEED it to be pointing you in the right direction. There are some things we rely upon NOT to change.


We need a Messiah that doesn’t change. Someone who will always accept the people who come to Him in repentance, not someone who changes the rules every third Saturday. Jesus is reliable. He is the same, day after day after day. When He says you have been saved by grace through faith, He keeps His word. His grace will ALWAYS respond to your faith. This is not your own doing, it is the gift of God; and He doesn’t take back the gifts He gives. Jesus is reliable.

Jesus is a man of His word. So His word, the bible, is reliable, too. There is security and stability in a car that will ALWAYS move forward when in drive, in having the compass ALWAYS point north. There’s security in having the bible ALWAYS be able to be trusted in what it says. This is why in the convergence movement we so value the historic Church, because it gives us a historic and unchanging framework through which to interpret God’s word. Times change, understandings change; but some things do not change. Ever. When some things change, like your car’s transmission or the direction of your compass, it invalidates the reliability of the whole thing. Some things are like that. And the bible is one of those things.

Throughout the history of the Church, we’ve always relied upon the power of the living word of God. The power to speak into our lives. The power to bring life into death when we were dead in our trespasses and sin. The power to break the bonds of sin and set us free. The power to fill us, equip us, engage us in the mission to advance the Kingdom of God. Living power, living in us through His word.

That power and life speaks to a world that is dead, too. It calls sin for what it is, and calls us to be free from it. Our mission as followers of Jesus is to proclaim His Kingdom, and the freedom that He brings through the power of an obedient heart.

Sadly, many churches are abandoning the historic interpretation of the scriptures in favor of a “progressive stance” on human sin and even on sexuality issues. Plenty of people are confusing the teaching of scripture and not applying it in line with the historic interpretation. But confusion is the act of the enemy, because he wants the world kept in bondage and darkness.

The saddest deception is that these people believe their “new understandings” will bring freedom. Of course, they will not. Deception only ever brings bondage. Rather than change the living and powerful word of God to match the pressures of a declining culture, followers of Jesus are called to be shining a bright light into the darkness, and using the word of God to bring TRUE FREEDOM. The gospel has always set people free from their sin. It breaks addictions, changes hearts and conforms us into the character of Christ. And, thankfully, neither Jesus nor His word changes. JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER. Utter reliability.

Don’t be deceived by the latest and greatest promises of freedom found in sin. When your compass is pointing west, it’s wrong. Always was, always will be. And if you’re following a compass pointing west, it’s time to get rid of that compass. You’re heading in the wrong direction.

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