When an attack is imminent, a rapid response can be critical to survival. That’s true on every level from individual to national. And survival is often a matter of preparation. Are you ready?

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When Russia launched a military invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, nearly every media prediction felt the fall of Ukraine was pretty much a foregone conclusion. But they sorely underestimated the resolve of the Ukrainian people and their level of preparation. Reading the writing on the wall after Russian annexation of the Ukrainian territory of Crimea in 2014, the Ukrainians had been diligently and systematically preparing for Russia’s next move. They had expanded their military, significantly improved the training of their armed forces, acquired additional weapons and strengthened their intelligence gathering capabilities. They built up the size of their armed forces to close to 250,000. What they hadn’t done was prepare their people well.

The defense of Ukraine has frequently come down to the common Ukrainian joining the fight. Stories abound of private citizens aiding military logistics, assisting in battles, rescuing the injured and even taking up arms. But many civilians were unprepared for this battle for survival taking place in their neighborhoods. As amazing as their response to the crisis has been, better preparation would have had a significant impact.


Last year I wrote a devotional about fighting naked. I said the lesson could be delivered in one word – DON’T. I can tell you with certainty that the battle of your life is coming. What I can’t tell you is when. You have an enemy who hates you and is bent upon your destruction. No one enters a battle simply to fight, the goal of a battle is to WIN! God provides us spiritual body armor to prepare for our warfare in the spirit. Do you know about them? Do you “put them on” each day? If not, then you are going into the battle unprepared.

The armor of God begins with truth. We are able to stand firm with His truth buckled around our waist like a duty belt, holding weapons and protective gear in place and readily accessible. God’s righteousness – given to us when we accepted His offer of grace and became His follower – is our ballistic vest and protects our most vital areas. Our feet are protected by solid boots – the readiness of the gospel of peace; for we must be ready to move quickly and always be ready to share the story of Christ’s offer of forgiveness and grace. We’ve all seen large plexiglass riot shields carried by SWAT teams, our shield is a shield of faith, and it keeps the molotov cocktails and other flaming attacks of the enemy from reaching us. Salvation is our helmet, strapped on tight and protecting our head, allowing our minds to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. And we have an effective weapon, one that serves us both defensively and offensively – it is the word of God. We need to believe what it says, teach others its truths and employ it in our battle against evil. As we fight, we need to pray in the Spirit at all times, with every kind of prayer and petition, so that God can speak to us, lead us, guide us and direct us.

Friend, the time to prepare for a battle is BEFORE it happens. Armies train their soldiers BEFORE sending them to engage the enemy. If an enemy should invade, the people who are pressed into service to defend their homes will fare better if they have prepared themselves. You want to do everything possible to increase your odds of winning because some battles are existential, and it’s hard to tell in advance which ones they are.

So prepare. Train. Because the battle is certain, only the time and place of the next engagement are unknown. Let God and His word prepare you for the battle on the horizon while you have time.

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