A “BOLO” is a call within law enforcement to be on the lookout for someone or something. It often identifies a person of interest. You don’t want to miss this BOLO, it could save your life.

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BOLOs aren’t just for use by law enforcement personnel anymore. Sometimes, when the circumstances warrant it, emergency broadcasts are even sent to every cell phone in a given area, and even on electronic highway signs and digital billboards. If a child is abducted and in danger, AMBER ALERT warnings get pushed out to these devices. Images of the child, occasionally images of the abductor, vehicle description and recent location information are all popped up before our very eyes. They make it very easy to be aware of the situation, and maybe even be part of the solution.


Of course, amber alerts can only be sent after the fact, once an abduction has occurred. We need to keep our own eyes open for the temptations that will assault us every day. We have an enemy who is out to abduct us, he wants to be able to steal what God has given us, kill the life that He has placed within us and destroy the testimony of what God has done for us. We’ve got to be on the alert. The cost of dropping our guard could be significant.

The entire history of North America (and arguably the world) was changed in a single night. If you ever get to visit the historic French Canadian city of Quebec, next to the St. Lawrence River you will see the Plains of Abraham; ending in steep cliffs that provided a massive barrier against intruders. On a dark September night in 1759, the English forces of General Wolfe took the city of Quebec from the French. When you see the steep ascent that Wolf’s men had to make up the face of the great rocky cliffs, you will be amazed that they succeeded. Mere boys should have been able to hold off a force of soldiers from scaling such cliffs and gaining the heights. Yet Wolfe and his men made the ascent and captured the fortress. How? Because the overconfident defenders became careless and pleasure-loving; and one night, when they were off guard, the enemy saw his opportunity, scaled the heights, and took the city. Quebec fell because its defenders failed to keep watch.

We need to keep watch, so the temptations our enemy wants to throw at us don’t have their intended effect. Being watchful demands discipline. It’s far too easy to get distracted, or to drop our guard. But the potential cost is immense.

So let me encourage you to stay on guard, keep alert. When we watch out and pray for wisdom, God will give us advance warning. No temptation will ever strike you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and He will not let you be tempted beyond your ability to resist and be victorious; but whenever temptation strikes He will provide a clear way of escape, so you can be the one who conquers – God’s champion! When we submit ourselves to God and obey Him, He gives us the ability to resist the devil. And when we resist, the enemy flees. Every time.

So, BOLO – Be On The Lookout.
Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, be strong.

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