Sometimes life is hard. Often it seems like life sends us too much to handle. But listen to me – DO NOT GIVE UP. There’s a place of hope and strength

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Today’s message will be briefer than most. It is targeted to people who are facing overwhelming situations in their lives.

When you feel like life is spinning out of control, you don’t want a long speech. You need a QUICK word of encouragement. I know people like this, and so do you. You may be there now.
So copy and paste the part below to YOUR social media, or send it to someone who needs to hear it.


It's true, life can dish out more pain than we can handle alone.  But you were never meant to handle it alone. DO NOT GIVE UP.

First of all, I care, and I am praying for you.  Those two things may seem insignificant, but neither one is.  DO NOT GIVE UP.

They are not insignificant because YOU are not insignificant. That's why I care.
They are not insignificant because GOD is not insignificant.  He cares, too. And that's why I pray.

The situations you face DO NOT need to be faced alone. I may be very far away, but God is not. DO NOT GIVE UP.

You may have tried to relate to God before.  You may have had a closer relationship with Him in the past.  You may feel like that bridge has been burned.  But if you can inhale and exhale that bridge to Jesus is still there. DO NOT GIVE UP.

Call out to God. Invite Him to step in, take over and lead you.  He will.  He promised.   DO NOT GIVE UP. 

There. That’s it for today. You and I BOTH know someone who needs to hear this.

Share it now.

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