Allegiance is the obligation of subjects to their sovereign or citizens to their government. Some offer it willingly, other not so much. And some will only offer it when it’s too late.

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Many nations have some form of a pledge of allegiance, though they are not always a part of regular life. Malaysia, India, Turkey, Singapore and Ireland all have pledges I’ve found. In the USA, we used to recite ours at the beginning of every school day; but I understand that has become less and less common.

But does an obligation cease to exist just because one ignores it? Obviously not.

The apostle Paul is actually quoting Isaiah 45:23. Both Isaiah and Paul are actually speaking about the same thing — a warning of coming judgement.

Isaiah was speaking of ignorant people carrying idols and praying to a god that cannot save. They had idols of wood and stone. For many of us, our idols are money, possessions, houses and reputation. None of these things are able to save us. That’s important, because Paul’s point is that we ALL will face a judgement; we ALL need to be saved. One day each of us will stand before God – the true and only God – and give an account.

All of us have a debt we owe Him, because all of us have sinned and fallen short of perfection. So, there is a price to be paid because of our debt. The price of our sin is DEATH, because sin robs the very life out of everything it controls. There is no negotiating, because the facts are not arbitrary. God is not setting a fee, like some merchant; He is stating a fact. Sin kills. Always. Everything. No exception.

But the author of LIFE has offered us life in His Son. Jesus came to earth and allowed sin to do its worst to Him. Sin killed Him, to be sure. But He had the power to take the keys to death and hades as He was raised to life once again. He alone has the power to offer you life – TRUE LIFE.

The life He offers is eternal.
The life He offers is filled with His power.
The life He offers is filled with His purpose.
The life He offers is able to change you totally and utterly.
Most importantly, the life He offers is PAID FOR.

It is a good feeling to get a copy of a bill you owe and see that it has been marked “Paid In Full.” Nothing more is due with respect to that debt, no more is owed.

The day is coming when everyone will stand before God and confess (recognize) the allegiance that is owed to Him. Even if you have ignored your obligation for your entire life, ignoring it does not eliminate it. God’s word is clear as crystal about what will happen on that day.

AS SURELY AS I LIVE, SAYS THE LORD — Nothing can be more certain.
EVERY KNEE WILL BEND TO ME — When confronted by the glory and majesty of the King of Kings, you WILL recognize it.
EVERY TONGUE WILL DECLARE ALLEGIANCE TO GOD — Allegiance is the OBLIGATION, not only the submission.

The day is coming when you and I will fully recognize that what God has said is true. We will agree that we owe Him an obligation of love and service as our creator and the King of Kings. We will agree that we have failed to meet that obligation, and see that sin has robbed us of true life. Those of us who have accepted His offer of NEW LIFE will have HIS LIFE within us. Those who have REJECTED the life He offered will recognize that they have no other source of life. No idols will be able to give life, only the one true God.

The time to accept His offer of NEW LIFE is NOW, while you still have the opportunity.

Do you have this life within you?? If so, rejoice!! And share it with others. If not, then let’s talk about how to change that!!! (Message me on this platform, I have GOOD NEWS for you.)

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