Jesus? Jesus WHO??

One of the most valuable lessons one can learn in business is this: While WHAT you know is important, WHO you know is critical.

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The shorthand for my opening phrase this morning is “It’s not what you know, but who you know, that counts.” There is a corollary that is not nearly as widely known, but much more important. “It’s not what you are, but whose you are, that counts.”

Who you are will eventually and always become known by those around you. Your character, your integrity, your determination. Who you are will always affect what you are able to become. Who you choose to be, regardless of what your present position is, determines the level to which you can rise. Capability will never win out over integrity, nor skill ever be able to replace trustworthiness. Character is key.

This is where the “who you know” part comes into play. Your reputation will either open or close doors among the network of people who know you. The network of those who know you and those who are able to trust you can open worlds of opportunity to shine the light of the Christ — if your character is strong enough.

Who you are will eventually and always become known by those around you. Jesus’ question in today’s scripture verse is applicable to you and I as it was to Peter, James and John. It’s not just a question of who Jesus is. It is much more important to decide who is Jesus TO YOU?


What’s your answer to His question? Who do YOU say Jesus is? Psalm 27 begins by saying “The Lord is my light and my salvation.” Is that YOUR answer?

Is He your Lord? Have you given Him control over YOU? Your life, your home, your relationships, your finances, your gifts, your talents, your abilities. Have you placed them all in His hands to decide and determine their use? Or is He just some historical figure to you, a nice example from a far off time and place? Who do YOU say Jesus is? Can you answer and say “My Lord?”

Is He your light? Does He illuminate all you see and do? Bring a lamp into a room and you can clearly see all within it. When the light of Christ illumines your heart and life, He allows you to see clearly. In seeing, you are able to determine what may remain, what must go, and what is still needed. Who do YOU say Jesus is? Can you answer and say “The Lord is my light?”

Is He your salvation? Are you looking to Him and Him alone as your savior? Or are you playing some mental balancing game trying to do more good than evil; hoping that God sees you as a basically good person? Have you entered the covenant of faith by exchanging your life for His, so that He has become your salvation. One of you WILL CERTAINLY pay the full price for your sin. It can be you, or it can be Him; but the price will be paid. The price of sin is death. He paid it, conquered death and rose to life again. If you pay it, your physical and spiritual death will never end. Who do YOU say Jesus is? Can you answer and say “The Lord is my light AND my salvation?”

When someone asks you “Jesus? Jesus WHO?” — what will your answer be?

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