Your car can’t drive across three miles of deep water. You need a bridge. Or a different route. Other than that, there are no options.

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Not too long ago the major bridge crossing the St. Johns River near where I live was shut down. All traffic was stopped. The bridge broke.

Yup, that’s right. Something called a “finger joint” settled, or snapped, or moved. And when it did, so did the roadway. All of the traffic going over the bridge had to be shut down so emergency repairs could be made. Naturally, this happened at the height of rush hour in the morning. Drivers were furious. The only solution was miles and miles of detour. Traffic backups made many folks late.

Notice some of the alternatives that DIDN’T get chosen.

Nobody said, “Let’s just keep an eye on it and see how long the bridge holds out. It will probably be ok.” Of course not! Lives were at stake, and no city wants videos of multiple cars careening off the edge of a collapsed bridge highlighting their local news.

Also, nobody tried to sneak around the closure signs and traffic cones to try their hand at crossing a very broken bridge. Trying to cross a chasm in two small jumps is a lousy strategy.

Though the situation was frustrating and the delays inconvenient, no one got angry at the Florida Department of Transportation for telling them that the bridge was out. In fact, it would have angered people if they HADN’T done so.

Enter God, and our verse for today. BLESSED IS THE MAN WHOM YOU DISCIPLINE.

Sometimes the bridge is out on the road you’re driving. If you keep going, there’s going to be pain, destruction and death. God knows. And He’s outlined things in His word pretty clearly about certain “roads to avoid.” If you’re on one of those roads you’ve only got two choices.

Choice number one, you can keep going. You can; really! You can ignore the signs that say, “Bridge Out Ahead” and drive merrily along your way. You can even look at the road where you are right now and decide that it looks fine. But that won’t fix the bridge up ahead. And the bridge IS out.

Choice number two is to turn around. Follow the instructions, take the detour. You might feel frustrated and inconvenienced, but at least you’ll arrive alive.

Did you know that there’s a word in the bible that specifically means “change the current direction and turn around?” There is!!! That word is “REPENT.” Whether you like turning around or not, whether it’s convenient or not — when the bridge is out ahead repenting is a life-saving choice.

One final thought. What would you think of the person who noticed that the finger joint on the Buckman Bridge had split if he HAD NOT TOLD ANYONE. What if he knew that every car approaching the split in the roadway faced increasing danger – but SAID NOTHING? That choice would be unthinkable. Utterly unconscionable. Totally irresponsible.

No excuse would be accepted for such behavior, right! “I was going to tell someone, but I had an appointment at the hair stylist.” “I started watching television (or streaming episodes of my favorite series) when I got home and forgot to call.” Nothing that person said would be accepted. We’d tell him, “YOU KNEW!!!!! And yet you didn’t say ANYTHING!!!!” That person would be reviled and hated.

So, if you’re a believer in Jesus Christ – DON’T BE THAT PERSON! You know the truth, don’t hold your tongue and keep silent about His offer of salvation. For those who don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior, the bridge is out ahead. You’ve got to tell them!

If you DON’T have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – THE BRIDGE IS OUT!!!!! Really, it is! STOP DRIVING!!!! Turn around.

Message me if you need a detour map. I can help.

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