Have you ever hear someone describe something as “to die for” ? It’s kind of an interesting phrase. But I can’t help but fee-l that it’s an idea that hasn’t been fully thought through.

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If signs are to be believed, there’s quite a bit in Las Vegas to die for. There’s the ribs at the Old Soul restaurant, for instance; and the view from the Capital Grille restaurant. Juan’s flaming fajitas are to die for, too. I know, because I saw the sign. And don’t forget the sunset views from the Valley of Fire state park — THEY are just to die for! And there’s more! Oh so much more.

That’s a LOT to die for!!

But among the facts of life are two defining ones that are inescapable. You only live once, and you can only die for one thing, as well. My guess is that, if we put the hyperbole of advertising aside, no one reading this is prepared to lay down their life for fajitas. There are things I am very willing to die for, to be sure. But they are people and causes, not foods and sauces.


If you stop and think of the things YOU are willing to die for — things for which you’d actually be willing to OFFER YOUR LIFE — I’d imagine that the list is not long. These sorts of things are so incredibly valuable that they are, by definition, rare.The first thing on many lists would be people. Particular people for whom we care very deeply. It is true – the best things in life aren’t things.

God thinks YOU are to die for. Literally. God so loved YOU that He sent His only begotten Son because you’re to die for. He came and lived a life worth giving up for you. Perfect. Sinless. It was utterly pure, and therefore could be offered as a sacrifice for your life and mine. When you accept His offer of eternal life, you’ll find a purpose to live for that will utterly fulfil you. It is to live for, and to die for. Truly.

You’ll find His love so overpowering and fulfilling as you follow Jesus, that you’ll soon discover that He and His Kingdom are “to die for.” It’s a great exchange – His life for yours. His grace for your sin. It changes eternity.

The view from the Valley of Fire may be beautiful, but the view from the lake of fire won’t be.

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