Have you ever gathered with a group of people to hear someone speak or listen to a concert? I’ll be you have. Well guess what? Did you know that hearing isn’t enough?

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Large crowds often gathered to listen to Jesus. I’m talking thousands upon thousands. They wanted to hear His message.

Pretty amazing when you consider that there was no Facebook, no email announcements of a particular time and place where one could ‘come hear Jesus’ at a special Meet the Master event. No promo, no tickets; just the message. Even with all of our technology today, gathering a crowd of eight to ten thousand people for a preacher isn’t an easy job.

If you’re reading this, the odds are pretty good that you’ve been to at least one event gathered to allow the performer (whether preacher, poet, actor or singer) to deliver their message. It may have been your favorite band. Or a play, perhaps. It could even have been a particular preacher or political leader. Nowadays we have access to a non-stop stream of the best speakers, thought leaders and performers delivered on demand.

Seeing them on our screens isn’t enough. Actually, as exciting as it may be, neither is seeing them in person. Hearing them can be instructive, encouraging, relaxing or some other descriptor — but it isn’t enough either. Even if we make the SOLE SUBJECT of our consideration the very teachings of Jesus Christ, seeing Him and hearing His words STILL IS NOT ENOUGH.

Enough FOR WHAT?!?!? you may ask. Enough to change your life, enough to receive the gift of NEW LIFE in exchange for death.

There was a young man who’d heard Jesus teach. The guy had it all – position, wealth, admiration. He’d heard Jesus speak about eternal life, and he wanted that, too. (Or, he thought he did!) He shows up for his face to face meeting with Jesus in Mark 10, and asks the single most important question that will ever pass his lips … “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”

He was seeing Jesus – face to face. He was hearing Jesus speak directly to him, out loud, in answer to his question. But a single missing ingredient would lead him to walk away crestfallen, because he would not FOLLOW JESUS.

FOLLOWING Christ is the key to this new life He promises to us. Today’s verse says, “I won’t ever forget your teachings, because when I follow them they give me NEW LIFE.”

Following Christ is the key to His endless exchange.
He give us grace in exchange for failure.
He give us faith in exchange for fear.
He give us joy in exchange for mourning.
He give us holiness in exchange our sin.
He gives us life in exchange for death.

He leads us in an endless exchange AS WE FOLLOW HIM.

Following Him is enough. Because, as we do, He leads us to where He needs us. Then He empowers us by His Spirit and uses us to reflect His glory and bear fruit for Him.

FOLLOW! Follow Jesus, follow closely and follow daily.

That’s enough.

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