The sound of life can be overwhelming even in a silent room. Because as problems increase the voices in our head are incessant. How can you focus on the right one?

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The main part of my devotional today was written with someone else’s devotion. It is the message of a child, written to her Heavenly Daddy and shared with me. It resonates so deeply, and I’ve added some of my prayers to hers.

The Apostle Peter, himself no stranger to pain and confusion about what God was up to, reminds us that the reward for TRUSTING in Him will be the salvation of our souls.

And now, today’s drop of devotion poured into the cup of trust.

I wonder what You see, my Father.

What are You making that the smile on Your face is so bright, so constant?

Your faithfulness is famous;
Your extravagance notorious;
Your love is marvelously documented from now backwards through to Creation.

You are “able to do infinitely more than I can ask or even imagine.”
I can’t imagine.
I try.
You laugh.

This heart of mine is torn, but still I feel Your peace because I can still see Your grin.
Though my heart is torn, Lord, BE LOUD for me. There are so many competing voices. Let me hear YOURS above them all. Be loud for me, O Lord.

I know You have my life. The result of going through this time – the strength You are giving, the gift You are making and sending my way even now – will be amazing.

I can’t see how all these things mesh – to me they look separate (opposite). This is my heart. And right now my heart is weeping.

Be LOUD for me.
Keep me in You.
Hold tight.

Lord, You see what I do not. Make me into what You see.

What do You see, Father?
Make it.


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