More, bigger, better, faster. The world around us is obsessed with the biggest and the best. And impressed with all the wrong things.

The problem with being impressed with the biggest and best things is that they tend to become the focus. If you’re not careful, before you know it, the things start defining who you are. In fact, a reversal takes place. The things you have very easily become things that have you. All in all, that is a life-changing dilemma. Because the best things in life aren’t things.

All in all, God is focused upon reaching people with the message of His love. To do that, He is very generous with something uncommonly precious. He gives us His power. He does so knowing that there is a risk (perhaps even a tendency) for us to get so focused upon the power that we forget the reason we have it or the Person who gives it to us. The POWER is not the issue, the PEOPLE who need to be reached are the real, true and only issue. The power of God working in us is the means, not the end.

All in all. That’s not just a phrase to be used as a summary. It is actually the ultimate goal.


Paul talks about this twice in the New Testament. The first time Paul writes about “all in all” is in 1 Cor 15, where he speaks about God the Father being all in all. Then, later, Paul writes to the Colossians about Christ being all in all as we come to Him who renews us in the image of God who created us. These two verses are like two points of an arrow leading us to a third.

If Christ is all in all, creating the renewed image of God in us, and Christ’s ultimate purpose is that all creation be renewed under the authority of God the Father so God may be all in all — does that not point to the need of the HOLY SPIRIT to fill us — all in all – so that we may be the tools in His hand to accomplish His ultimate task?


The PROMISE of the Spirit is that “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.”
The PURPOSE of the power is plain – to be a witness of the new life found in Christ.
The PATH for our witness is one which we cannot walk without His power. Because the task cannot be accomplished on our own power, only in HIs.
He must be our all in all, or we will lose our way along the path and focus on the power instead of the purpose.

Here’s what “losing our way” along the path looks like. (If you see yourself here, then the solution is to repent and return. God wants us filled with HIs power so that we can be about fulfilling His purpose. )

We can lose our way when we focus on the power alone, and forget the purpose. If you start to use the power of God to build up your own reputation instead of His, you’ve lost your way. The Holy Spirit fills us with the power of God to advance the message of the Kingdom of God. We are HIS witnesses, and we are to carry His message.

We can lose our way when we focus on studying and learning about the power of God instead of asking for it, receiving it and walking in it. If you get consumed with knowing about the power instead of using the power of God to advance His Kingdom, you’ve lost your way. The Holy Spirit fills us with the power of God to DO something that advances the Kingdom of God. The great history of the new testament is called the ACTS of the Apostles, not the “meetings,” “talks,” or “studies” of the apostles. The measure of our effectiveness is our FRUIT.

We can lose our way when we focus on the initial outcome of applying the power of God instead of our faithfulness to apply the power of God to the situations He places before us. If you find yourself asking, “What will happen if I pray and nothing changes?” instead of asking “Father, what are You doing in this situation and how do I pray?” then you’ve lost your way. The Holy Spirit fills us with the power of God to draw attention to Himself. Will you get it “wrong” as you try to walk in the power of God. Of course!!!!! But one doesn’t stop walking for life simply because they fell a few times at the age of two. You KEEP WALKING, day after day. As you do, you get better and better at it. For most of us it becomes something that you are able to do almost without even thinking about it. But there’s ALWAYS the possibility of losing your balance and falling, no matter how long or well you’ve been walking.

ALL IN ALL, walking in the power of the resurrection is about the power of God equipping the PEOPLE of God to do the PURPOSE of God. God doesn’t care if you’re black, white,brown, yellow, red or purple. He cares that Christ is all in all.

Let God be your ALL IN ALL. Invite Him to FILL YOU with His power. Then begin to learn to walk in it.

All in all, it is all about the what you DO to show forth the power of God in you!

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