Yesterday I spoke with several people facing situations that appear to be impossible. At least in the flesh. Thankfully, we are not limited to the operations of the flesh.

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Our God is God over the heavens and the earth, all the inhabitants and all the situations. Whatever situation you’re facing today, there’s something you need to know.


Those first three words make all the difference in the world – GOD IS ABLE.

One of my closest friends is currently a paraplegic. I say “currently” because he will not always be one. He faithfully holds on to several promises the Lord has graciously given to him … including a promise of healing. He’s a man of incredible faith and deep wisdom. Standing in faith, believing God will do what ONLY God can do. I’m confident, and so is he. God knows when He will do it. God knows why He is waiting. Someday we will see, someday we will understand all the “whys” — and until then we stand in faith. Trusting. Because He is able.

Some time ago I had contact with a couple of people battling deep depression. One of them knew it, the other was avoiding it. I encouraged them both with the same answer. God is able. He can give a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness. Even as I spoke with my wife that night, I was battling a spirit of heaviness; though I didn’t connect it to the earlier conversations at the time. But we prayed, and God moved. My wife was hundreds of miles away. But she prayed, and worshipped and we rejoiced in the deliverance of God. Because He is able.

Yesterday people lost homes that had been promised, moved away from friends they had known for years, continued to pray for siblings facing major battles, and so much more. All of these situations were brought to the Throne of Grace, and laid at the feet of Him who is able.

He is able to open blind eyes. He is able to heal broken spines. He is able to place the homeless in places of rest. He is able.

He is able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him.

Bring whatever need you face to Him today. Put it into His hands. Ask Him to deal with it. He says that those who ask receive, those who seek find, and to those who knock the door is opened. (Actually, in the Greek, He says “Ask and keep asking, and you shall keep on receiving.” So KEEP ASKING!!!)

Why keep asking?

Because He is able.

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