People will judge you by the clothing you wear. This is NOT a devotional about jeans and dresses (but I will use them as a key illustration). So let’s talk about some important things to MAKE SURE you’re wearing.

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Some time ago I wrote a devotional called FIGHTING NAKED. My point was as simple as could be – DON’T !!!

But there’s a big difference between battle armor and our normal clothing. Frankly, though putting on the full armor of God is critical, the people around you will not typically see that armor. It deals with the spiritual warfare, sort of like “concealed carry” – you’re armed and protected, but no one around you actually KNOWS that you’re armed and protected.

But then there’s the clothing people will see as they deal with you. This is NOT a devotional about jeans and dresses, but I will use them as my opening illustration. 🙂

Some days ago I was meeting with my close friend and mentor Abp Charles Travis, and he and I were commenting upon the way someone nearby was dressed. It was hard NOT to notice, because “dressed” was an understatement; the amount of clothing covering this person’s body was minimal, extraordinarily tight and left nothing to the imagination. Bishop Chuck mentioned a woman he’d seen at the bank earlier in the week who looked as though she had rolled out of bed in nothing but her bra and panties and headed out to do her banking.

Paul tells us “Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. “

The last part is today’s verse – ABOVE ALL, CLOTHE YOURSELVES WITH LOVE

COMPASSIONATE HEARTS – Loving the world around us with the love of Christ. Not allowing our hearts to be hardened. Caring for the pain we see.

KINDNESS – The word Paul chooses here refers to “useful acts” that meet real needs. You know, the ones you saw when you looked with a loving heart.

HUMILITY – The attitude of a servant. Just because you’re in a position to help someone who needs it does not make you better or higher. We are who we are and we have what we have because of the gracious hand of God. Someone once said, “I’m just a poor servant helping another poor servant find the guy who give out the bread.”

MEEKNESS – This speaks to gentleness. People need to be touched by a gentle and loving hand; not one who is in a hurry to get away. Caring and gentleness will take time. But never forget that Jesus said He is hiding among the poorest and neediest among us, and that which we do for the LEAST of our brethren we are actually doing to Him.

PATIENCE – The people to whom we reach out may not respond immediately, except to take the sandwich or drink or blanket. Their lives may not change for some time. But that is why the FIRST characteristic of true love is patience.

BEARING WITH ONE ANOTHER – We grate and rub against one another, chafing and bruising. That’s why Paul ties this element to the next one so closely.

FORGIVING EACH OTHER – Here’s the other side of the coin. As God’s chosen ones, we are required to forgive. REQUIRED is a challenging word, so Paul reminds us who are required to forgive that WE HAVE BEEN forgiven much more by Jesus.

ABOVE ALL – Woah!! Here comes an IMPORTANT PART —- DON’T MISS IT …..

PUT ON LOVE, WHICH BINDS EVERYTHING TOGETHER IN PERFECT HARMONY – This is an image of the final element of clothing that ties everything else together. It completes the outfit. Without this, the other pieces may be nice, but they are not a proper ensemble.

But LOVE makes the difference and binds it all together. PERFECT harmony.

LOVE makes the difference.

Once you’ve put on LOVE above all the rest, then you’re dressed for success in His service.

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