Clergy Application

The Commission on Ordained Ministry oversees the process of receiving and evaluating clergy applications under the authority of the General Secretary’s Office.

Applicants are encouraged to utilize the Contact Us form to initiate a dialog with the Commission prior to submitting an application.





Ever Married ?:
Spouse’s Name:
Date of Marriage:

If Divorced, Date of Divorce:
If remarried, date of remarriage:

Did the marriage produce children?:
If Divorced, who has custody?:
Child 1 Name:
Child 1 DOB:

Child 2 Name:
Child 2 DOB:

Child 3 Name:
Child 3 DOB:

Child 4 Name:
Child 4 DOB:

Child 5 Name:
Child 5 DOB:


Please provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of three people who have known you for at least three years, as well as their relationship to you (i.e., friend, employer, etc.). Please include: a ministerial reference; a business or work reference; and a personal reference.

Reference 1 – Name:
Reference 1 – Address:
Reference 1 – Email:
Reference 1 – Phone:
Reference 1 – Years Known:

Reference 2 – Name:
Reference 2 – Address:
Reference 2 – Email:
Reference 2 – Phone:
Reference 2 – Years Known:

Reference 3 – Name:
Reference 3 – Address:
Reference 3 – Email:
Reference 3 – Phone:
Reference 3 – Years Known:


Please include in this section where you attended high school, as well as all college education.

School 1 – Name:
School 1 – Degree Earned:
School 1 – Year Graduated:
School 1 – Years Attended:

School 2 – Name:
School 2 – Degree Earned:
School 2 – Year Graduated:
School 2 – Years Attended:

School 3 – Name:
School 3 – Degree Earned:
School 3 – Year Graduated:
School 3 – Years Attended:

School 4 – Name:
School 4 – Degree Earned:
School 4 – Year Graduated:
School 4 – Years Attended:


Note: Some of our applicants are seeking to take their first steps into ministry, while others are already pastors in other denominations and now wish to join the CEEC. Therefore, please answer all questions completely, and if a question does not apply to you, please mark it N/A.

Baptism Information:
Confirmation Information:
Of what denomination are you a member?:
Where do you currently attend church?:
Church Position:

Describe the experience of your coming to a personal faith in Jesus Christ. Please be certain to indicate how long you have been a Christian.

Describe the experience of your call to the ministry.
Ministerial Call:

Please describe to what ministry you feel you are called, and what you believe you spiritual gifts to be.
Gifts and Ministry:


Please list all ministry licenses and/or ordinations that you have received:
Ministry Credential #1:
Ministry Credential #1 Date:
Ministry Credential #1 Officiant:

Ministry Credential #2:
Ministry Credential #2 Date:
Ministry Credential #2 Officiant:


Note: This section covers criminal history, drug and/or alcohol use and mental health. Please answer all questions. If any questions are answered ‘yes, please elaborate upon the circumstances, history and status on a separate piece of paper. Be advised that ‘yes’ answers will not automatically disqualify you from being ordained in the CEEC, and that all factors will be prayerfully considered and fairly discussed.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?:

Have you ever been involved in the illegal possession, use, purchase, manufacture, trafficking, production, or sale of any controlled substance, narcotic, depressant, stimulant, hallucinogen, or cannabis?:

Has your use of alcoholic beverages [such as beer, wine, liquor] ever resulted in the loss of a job, disciplinary action, arrest by police, or any alcohol-related treatment or counseling such as for alcohol abuse or alcoholism?:

Have you ever been treated for mental, emotional, psychological, or personality disorder/condition or problem?:

Have you ever been advised to seek counseling from or been counseled by any mental health professional?:

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