When one thinks of fathers the mind naturally turns also to husbands. Whether or not it is still the case, God’s plan was that father’s ought also be husbands.

Interestingly, the term “husbandry” has little more than a verbal affinity to the concept of husband and wife and actually has to do with the practice of raising, caring for and bringing to maturity. This is, of course, the job of a father.

I’ll ask your indulgence this morning on the writing of a very brief devotional. I confess that, on this Father’s Day, my heart is still too sore at the recent death of my own father to write deeply about father’s in general.

So, knowing full well that today’s visual has truly little to do with what I’ve written and recognizing how scattered my thoughts are on this difficult day; I bow out.

As I’ve said before, when you have nothing to say; say nothing.

May the memories and/or presence of your earthly fathers bring you joy and peace.
And may the love, grace and peace of your Heavenly Father bring you comfort.

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