Freedom is the state of not being under the control of another. Many leaders in the church are not truly free. As a result, many of the people in our churches are not truly free either. And we’ve not even gotten to the people outside of the church, who are still in bondage to so … Read more


Every young child I have ever met loves to play hide and seek. It’s a universal game. My kids loved to play hide and seek, even into their late teens and early twenties. That may be somewhat surprising; but these were not your standard games, mind you. After dark, all of the participants would dress … Read more


I woke up this morning and broke my normal routine. I didn’t go into the room where I have my Bible and Book of Common Prayer to do my Daily Office. Instead I sat in my office and picked up a guitar that had recently been gifted to me, and I began to worship. As … Read more


From time to time I am asked to officiate at a wedding. It is one of the benefits of being a clergyman. The couple have some latitude in the planning of their wedding ceremony with regard to some items. It is always insightful as the couple and I go through the planning, discussion and selection … Read more

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