If you’ve not used one, you’d be amazed at how effective a wheelbarrow can be at helping carry piles of stuff from one place to another.

Over the past couple of weeks my wife and I have been building a patio in the back yard. It has involved buying (and MOVING) hundreds of very heavy concrete pavers from the store to our house. That was the easy part. Folks at the store loaded all of the pavers onto the truck using a forklift. Those very heavy pavers ALSO had to be moved from where we stacked them in the front of the house to the BACK of the house, where we were building the patio. (Did I mention that they were VERY HEAVY????)

These pavers were so heavy that this Marine could only carry TWO at a time.

Enter the wonder of the wheelbarrow. Though I could only lift two of these pavers at a time into the wheelbarrow, I could easily move eight or ten at a time from the driveway to the back yard once they were loaded. It was truly astounding. (Of course, moving the wheelbarrow through two to three inches of mud in the side yard was another story; but moving across the driveway was amazingly easy.)

How do YOU deal with major burdens, issues and challenges? Do you try to carry them all on your own?

Today’s verse is good news if you’ve been looking for a wheelbarrow capable of carrying your life’s burdens.


Over the last couple of weekends I’ve learned that my arms are not strong enough to carry all of the burdens piled in my driveway. Nor the ones piled in my life, either.

For my life’s burdens – the things that wrap my heart up in knots – Jesus offers a much simpler solution than a “burden wheelbarrow.”
Actually, His solution is even better than giving you a spiritual forklift!

Jesus says, “I will bear your burdens. I will do it every day.”

So if the burdens in your life have piled up inside you and they are far too heavy to carry on your own – give them to Jesus!

He’s offered to carry them for you.

PRAISE BE TO THE LORD!! My arms (and my heart) were tired.

Praise be to God our Savior, who DAILY bears our burdens.

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