Quality and preference comparisons are just a fact of life.

Sometimes the differences are subtle, at other times they’re stark. I’m a bit of a coffee snob. I love and appreciate the nuances of flavor and strength, the crema of a well-drawn espresso and the aroma of a freshly brewed cup. My wife makes no such distinctions; she will drink anything that is hot and black. I’ve flown across the world. As a C-suite executive, the companies I’ve worked for typically book me in the front cabin. But I’ve also flown to Africa on ministry while seated in the very, very back of the plane next to the toilet. The differences between those flights is dramatic.

Sometimes that which is promised as “best” just isn’t. Back to the coffee example, there are plenty of people who think one particular vendor is the greatest. It may be Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or Pete’s Coffee; or it may be some other chain. But people who love coffee will disagree. Starbucks sells like crazy in California, but couldn’t keep its stores open in Israel. Israeli’s said they burned the coffee and ruined it, though they’re used to Arabic coffee which is much, much stronger.

When you’re dealing with flights, coffees, cars and clothing the distinctions between good, better and best make very little actual difference. Comfort and class are nice, but not essential.

But when you’re dealing with LOVE – especially a love that will impact your eternity – you’d better be certain to make the right choice. Not all “loves” are equal. Some are deliberately intended to trap you.

I read a report yesterday about the “Lover Boy Method” used by human traffickers to lure and trap victims that they intend to turn into prostitutes. One former trafficker even talked about how he would intentionally look for his victims in churches, because virgin girls bring a higher price. So he would dress nicely and act sweet. He had memorized five bible verses so he could quote them at the proper time as a trick to gain acceptance. After he had selected his target, he began his “lover boy” routine. He said, “I knew that if I told them I loved them 5 times and gave them a rose, they would be mine.” That “love” is neither good, better nor best; it is a lie and a trap. The people who end up in the trap are scarred for the rest of their lives. (Which isn’t necessarily all that long for many of them.)

When you’re dealing with LOVE – especially a love that will impact your eternity – you’d better be certain to make the right choice. Weigh the evidence. Check the references, as it were.

God’s love is offered as a faithful promise. He offers an eternity of blessing to folk like me and you who have no right to make any claim upon it. It is the Cinderella story, but on steroids. We are filthy, poor, wretched and have literally NOTHING to offer into the bargain except ourselves. But it is ourselves – our love and companionship – that the King desires. 

So He offers total forgiveness, absolute pardon, full reconciliation and abundant blessings poured upon us. He promises to make us what we could never make ourselves, and opens the door to His Kingdom and His home. The images He uses to describe what He promises are staggering to consider!!! He re-creates us as kings and priests. He loves us as a husband loves His bride. He cares for us as a Father cares for His children. He even adopts us into His family and makes us His heirs.

His love NEVER FAILS!! And, because it does not, it is better than anything (and EVERYTHING) that will fail. So His UNFAILING LOVE is better than LIFE ITSELF.

One day, our health will fail; but His love NEVER fails.
One day our riches, whether they are large or small, will not be sufficient to give us what we need; but His love NEVER fails.
One day every relationship on earth will end, but His love NEVER fails.

“One day” is coming for all of us, and we know not when. So the time to make our decision about HIS UNFAILING LOVE is today. Now.

It’s not a comparison between good, better and best. It is a choice between anguish and joy, between rejection and acceptance.

Sometimes that which is promised as “best” just isn’t.
But His unfailing love is better than life itself!!!

It’s the BEST !!!

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