We’ve all been around them — people who are their own greatest fans.

You can’t be around them for too long before they begin to recount their accomplishments or recount some of their “greatest hits,” so to speak. 

I was recently in a meeting with a ministry-related friend. From the time he sat down until the time I left about an hour later, we talked about him. Or, to be more accurate, he talked about him; I listened. He discussed his ministry, the invitations he had received,  the conferences he had led, and the prophetic words he had received.  To make matters worse, very little (if any) of this was new information.  He’d spoken about it all before.  Often.

It is very easy for any of us to get consumed with ourselves. I’m very aware that I can also get caught up in discussing my own work, my own activity, my own ministry.  It has been said that you never have to ask someone if they are a US Marine.  If they were, they’ll find a way to tell you. (And if they weren’t, there’s no sense in embarrassing them.)   But that doesn’t count. ?

But when you begin to consider what GOD has worked in our lives and our relationships, those are the things that are really amazing. And THAT is what I want to focus upon if I ever want to boast! 

To be absolutely honest, I have NOTHING to boast about.  And neither does the CEEC.CHURCH !!

Goodness gracious! Aren’t we the most unlikely bunch of people to come and sit in a church?? All dressed up, looking decent and nice.  But who are we to even darken the door. Look at us! Who would believe it??

UN-QUOTE. The Apostle Paul. First Corinthians 1.
Well, that was the BRV — the Bishop Robert version .

Paul did say it much more nicely when he wrote it, to be frank. He said God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things The things that are not to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him.

That’s what he ACTUALLY wrote.  I mean …. look around you! And LOOK AT YOURSELF.  If you were God and had the WHOLE WORLD to choose from, would YOU have chosen YOU  to give the mission of reaching the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD with the message of the Gospel?!?!?  You’ve got over seven BILLION people to choose from !!!!  Would you pick YOU ?!?!?!

OF COURSE NOT !!!  Me and you, we’re not the “global victory” type of folks, are we. No one is likely to confuse us with Caesar, or George Washington, or King James.  But that is EXACTLY the point.

God chose the foolish, the weak, the lowly. He chose those who were NOTHING. Then He added His spirit, His wisdom, His grace, His gifts, His holiness, His power.  THAT is how He chooses to reach the world.  By involving us — you and me — in things so big and great that no one would believe it was US. When the OUTCOME is examined, no one in their right mind gets confused and wants t give us credit.

Think back to Moses.  He’s leading Israel out of Egypt when Pharaoh changed his mind, gathers his army and begins to pursue them.  He’s the leader of the greatest army on the planet at the time, and he is ANGRY !!!!  His oldest son is dead.  In fact, every person in the army’s oldest son was dead.  Their crops had been destroyed, their homes invaded buy bugs and frogs. And they were going to teach Israel a lesson they’d never forget !!! So chariots, horsemen and soldiers pursue a nations of nobodies.  SLAVES!!!  They’ve got them cornered against an ocean and there’s no escape from the greatest army on the planet.

The only problem was that they were fighting an army that wasn’t from this planet!!!  God causes the such a strong wind to come that the sea stood up in piles of water. Huge walls of ocean, and a pathway through the middle blown dry by the wind.  Israel passes through, and Egypt doesn’t.  Egypt’s army is drowned; horses and chariots destroyed. Every last man.  Today you can search the internet and see photos of chariot wheels they’ve discovered under deep water at the crossing site.  The army of Egypt taught Israel a lesson alright.  They taught Israel that GOD IS GREATER THAN ENY ENEMY THEY WOULD EVER FACE. 

But nobody – absolutely NO ONE – went up to Moses afterwards and said, “WOW , Moe!!!! THAT was amazing !!! HOW DID YOU DO THAT ???”  Everyone knew that it was GOD who acted, not Moses. It was God who delivered, and Moses was the messenger and the leader.

So, if you’re going to boast, boast about what GOD has done, and what God is doing. 

I’ll boast about a Communion with 2 million plus people … and GROWING every day. 

But not because of ME, only because of HIM.  I’ll boast about churches being planted, relationships being restored, money being poured into missions, healings and miracles. I’ll boast about the blind seeing.  WHY?  Because I’ve had little to nothing to do with ANY OF IT!!! 

It is GOD, GOD, GOD.  God alone. God in His mercy.  God in His grace.
Let’s you and I determine to step out in faith and follow His lead.

Then we’ll be able to BOAST IN THE LORD !!!

LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE !!!!!  EVEN through us!! 

Isn’t HE amazing!

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