No Vision = No Direction

(Where there is no vision, people lose heart and fail.)

“When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law is joyful.” (Proverbs 29:18 NLT)

By Fr. Chris Lee OFR

I recently went to the eye doctor only to find out that I have glaucoma, and an astigmatism. When I heard the news, I was actually relieved. The diagnosis explained a lot lol. It explained why it’s getting harder to see! Not to fear, my Optometrist had a solution for the problem……..yup………corrective bifocals. Hard to believe that a simple pair of glasses can restore my vision, but it’s true. I now join the ranks of those who have clear vision. I started thinking about my vision, and vision in general.

In Proverbs 29:18 it says, “When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law is joyful. (NLT) Here the word “divine guidance” is often translated as vision or revelation. These are both powerful words that have deep Biblical and Spiritual meaning. They also have practical application. Vision is sometimes used to describe a goal, or dream. Something we reach for, something we aspire to.

Perhaps you’re like me before I went to the eye Dr., and don’t currently have clear vision. Do not fear, there’s a solution for the problem. The solution is Divine Guidance! The Bible tells us, that without it, we just run wild, never achieving anything of true goodness. It tells us that in order to be truly happy and productive, we need God’s instruction. (Proverbs 29:18)

God’s guidance and instruction comes through His Word. The Bible acts as a corrective lens that truly restores our sight / vision. While it may be hard to believe for some, looking through the lens of the Bible actually joins us to the ranks of those who have clear vision. Only then can we find true joy, and clear direction.

Digging Deeper
Do you have a vision? Do you have a goal or dream that you would like to aspire to? If so:

  1. Write It Down: In Habakkuk 2:2, God told the Prophet to write his vision down and make it clear and understandable.
  2. Be Patient With It: In Habakkuk 2:3, God told the Prophet to be patient while he waited for the vision to be accomplished.
  3. Persistently Strive Toward It: In Philippians 3:14, St. Paul tells us to keep pressing toward the goal.
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