Some things matter, others don’t.

A couple of weeks ago I received a check drawn on the United States Treasury. It was a final disbursement of his pension as a US Postal worker. On that same day I also received a printed letter in the mail instructing me that, even though this check was not part of his estate, it needed to be split among his surviving children. That meant splitting it six ways. The check was for $9.85, so each of of the six would have received a whopping $1.64.

Not surprisingly, none of my siblings wanted me to send a check for $1.64. The amount was simply too small. Some things matter, others don’t. In the overall scheme of things, it just didn’t matter.

A couple of days ago I bought a cup of coffee at a gas station. When I received my change back from the purchase it was one penny short. There’s a coin shortage in the US that is somehow tied to the current COVID issues. So, instead of getting 76 cents back, I was only given 75 cents. You know where I’m going with this. I never said a word. One penny short ??? Some things matter, others don’t. This definitely doesn’t matter.

Today’s verse asks a question.


The answer – IT DOESN’T MATTER !

One small example will suffice. King Hezekiah was ruling in Jerusalem when the King of Assyria decided to attack. Hundreds of thousands of Assyrian soldiers and chariots surrounded the city on every side. They were strong. They were battle-hardened, and had wiped out multiple other kings. The Assyrian leaders told the people of Jerusalem, “Let not Hezekiah deceive you: for he shall not be able to deliver you out of our hand!” They were right and they were wrong at the same time!

They were right — King Hezekiah had nowhere near enough troops to even mount a serious battle.
They were wrong — They thought they were going to have to fight King Hezekiah.

They should have stopped when they picked their fight with Hezekiah. But instead they kept taunting and said none of the other captured kingdoms were saved by their gods. Challenging King Hezekiah is one thing. But the King of Assyria didn’t know that God (the TRUE GOD) was for King Hezekiah. And challenging the TRUE GOD is another battle entirely.

That night God sent ONE ANGEL, and that angel killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers! Not surprisingly, the King of Assyria fled back to Nineveh.

How many soldiers did the King of Assyria have? The answer – IT DOESN’T MATTER !!! IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN EVER BE AGAINST US?

There’s a battle coming when the nations of the world will surround Jerusalem to destroy it. Major armies with advanced weaponry. How many soldiers will they have. you may wonder? The answer – IT DOESN’T MATTER !!!

When the question is asked IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN EVER BE AGAINST US? The answer is always IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Some things matter, others don’t.

God IS for us, and THAT is all that truly matters!

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