Our minds are naturally wired to be attracted to new things. They catch our eye or snag our attention. If someone you know gets a new job, home or apartment, or car it’s sure to be a topic of conversation. While we all find comfort in things we know and can rely upon, new things focus our interest. But how can you tie the two concepts together?

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In today’s verse, God says I AM ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING NEW.

The amazing part about God doing new things is that He is able to do them in the context of reinforcing the old things He has already done.

The day we were married I told my wife, “You are precious to me.” To this day it is something I tell her often, over and over again. I don’t do it because I think she may have forgotten. Nor do I repeat this affirmation because I’m afraid I may forget. I certainly don’t say, “Hey, I told you in 1983! If it changes, I’ll let you know.” No, of course not. I repeat myself both as an affirmation and a reminder; a reinforcement, if you will. But then, in the context of our relationship, I am constantly looking for new ways to express my continuing love and devotion.

God is like that. He does new things every day. He does them in the lives of folk like you and me, and uses us to display His power and love to the people around us.

As you and I interact with others, we are going to hear about new things in their lives. New jobs, new cars, new interests. But as we continue to relate on a deeper level, we’ll also hear about new challenges, new pain and conflict. The amazing thing is that we get to rejoice with those who rejoice and cry with those who are in pain. That’s what friends do. It’s even sometimes what strangers do, especially in times of deep crisis.

But when you know Christ, you get to do more. You get to introduce Jesus into the situation, and offer the hope and strength that He gives. That’s where another of His promises comes into play.

Jesus told His followers to ask when they needed to receive something. In fact, what He actually said was, “Ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened.” Sounds great, doesn’t it?

He knows that when we, as the people who are known to know Him, touch the lives of those around us — we are going to come face to face with needs and situations way beyond our ability to help. And THAT’S when we need a new solution. Because He knows that there’s a big difference between ASKING and getting an answer, He goes on to define the group who receive, find, and have the right doors opened to them.

We hear a lot about being inclusive today. Jesus makes His offer the most inclusive one in the universe. No discrimination. No secret entry code required for admission. Who’s able to be a part of this group? EVERYONE! Christ’s choice of HIs next words was deliberate, and therefore deliberately inclusive.

EVERYONE who asks and keeps on asking will keep on receiving.
EVERYONE who seeks and keeps on seeking will keep on finding.
EVERYONE who knocks and keeps on knocking will keep on seeing doors opened to them.

EVERYONE. No exceptions.

ASK – and keep on asking.
SEEK – and keep on seeking.
KNOCK – and keep on knocking.

God says He will not stop responding.
When you come to Him and ask He will give.
When you come to Him and seek He will provide.
When you come to Him and knock, He will open doors before you.

The only question then is whether you will accept what He gives, trust what He reveals and go through the doors He chooses to open for you?

Because He who says I AM ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING NEW – wants to do it in you.

What do you say?

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