Would you believe that people that people open Google to search for GOOGLE?

And I’m not talking about a few either. Not far behind the billion people a month that go to Google’s search engine to find the link to YouTube or Facebook, there are 550 million people who go to Google and search for — well: GOOGLE. Maybe it’s sort of a self-fulfilling search. This morning we’re going to talk about searching, where to look and what you can find.

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The list of top search terms on Google that I looked at told me that it had eliminated the “NSFW” items. I had no idea what that meant, so I Googled it. You may know this, but “NSFW” stands for “Not Safe For Work” and relates to things that contain inappropriate content. So thankfully all of the nasty search terms were removed from the list I was looking at. There’s a lesson there. Don’t be looking for things you ought not find. Bait isn’t free, it comes with a hook.


The way search engines work is actually an interesting illustration of life. You open up in some public forum and indicate that you are searching for something. The first thing you get is a response to your search, the overt instant gratification. But there’s always something else happening, too. They are watching what you search for, and then alerting their advertisers about what you want. If you’ve ever searched for a product on Google, where 9 out of every 10 internet searches take place, you’ve seen how ads for that product follow you around the web everywhere you go for weeks and weeks.

In life, the things that you focus on will impact you. Set your mind on earthly things, NSFW items, and you’re going to find yourself in a downward spiral. Those things will hook you. And once the hook is set, you’re going to get reeled in by the one who set the trap. Our enemy doesn’t catch and release, by the way; he’s out to destroy you. But if you SEARCH FOR THE LORD AND FOR HIS STRENGTH, you’re going to find Him. Because the mind that is set on the Spirit finds life and peace.

You see, God is searching for you, too. He makes a great promise. He says, “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” You will !!! God says that He will be found, and when we find Him He releases us from the captivity in which we have been trapped. He cuts the trap lines, removes the hook and sets us free in Him.

God loves those who love Him and search for Him. Everyone who seek Him diligently find Him, even if they aren’t even sure of who He is yet.

Some years ago I met a Christian pastor in Egypt. He had been a Muslim, and had felt uncertain about Islam. Crippled by frustration and fear, once night he went to the edge of the desert outside Cairo and sat under a tree. He placed the bible on one side of him and the koran on the other. He confessed to God that he wasn’t smart enough to determine which of these books revealed the truth. He said that he would sit under the tree until God showed him, because he was afraid of offending Him by making the wrong choice. Three nights later, he was awakened by a bright light shining down from heaven on the bible, while the koran was in deep, dark shadows. He had his answer. He picked up the bible and set off to follow Jesus.


Searching for the Lord will always lead us to Him. Then we need His strength if we are to follow Him. The good news is that He is always with us, because He has promised never to leave us or forsake us. From the day we commit to following Jesus, we never walk alone again.

So let me encourage you. If you feel trapped by previous choices, search for the Lord; He will be found by you, and He will set you free. If you’re not sure about all this “Jesus stuff,” search for the Lord anyway; give Him the chance to answer your questions and bring you real peace. If your life is lacking purpose and direction, search for the Lord; then follow Him and He will lead you precisely where you need to go. All of these things require His strength, and He will give that, too.

Maybe people opening Google to search for Google isn’t that strange after all. Now that I think about it, searching where you want to find your answers makes perfect sense.


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