Sometimes when you’re making a purchase, one of the elements you consider is the guarantee. For other things, the guarantee just doesn’t make that much difference. There are some guarantees you can’t live without.

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Buy any electronics item at Walmart stores in the United States, and they offer you a two-year warranty … for an extra fee. I was recently buying an item for about $30. When I went to check out they asked me if I wanted to spend an extra four dollars to have a two-year guarantee. I declined. Willing to manage that risk all by myself, thank you.

Believe it or not, I actually have some patriotic T-shirts that are guaranteed against EVERYTHING for life. Their guarantee says, “Yup. Everything. For any reason. Including tears, holes, loose threads, beer stains – even blood stains from defending the American flag.” Sometimes the guarantee is just part of the marketing, but at other times the guarantee is absolutely essential.


Isn’t it great that the verse doesn’t promise that God‘s love and faithfulness will last for at least one year! That would not be much of a guarantee. How about this? For four extra dollars God promises to love you for TWO years instead of only one! I’m glad that John 3:16 doesn’t promise that God so loved the world that He sent His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him GETS TEN MORE CHANCES TO BE PERFECT. That wouldn’t be much of a promise. It probably wouldn’t cover me until noon. (If you’re not familiar with the REAL promise of John 3:16, it actually promises that whoever believes in Jesus WILL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. A much better guarantee, I think you’ll agree.)

God’s love and faithfulness will last forever. His guarantee is better than a lifetime guarantee, because it goes well beyond our lifetime on earth. It is the ultimate “forever guarantee.”

The Lord is good. His word is good. His promises are good. Everything about God is good. And I am convinced that, even when it doesn’t appear to be good, it is.

One day my oldest daughter broke her arm. And I held her down while a stranger twisted it back and forth just at the point where is was broken. If that’s all the information you have, you might think that both the stranger and I were cruel. But once I add in that the stranger was an orthopedic surgeon who was trying to set the bone in an effort to avoid surgery, everything changes. Now he’s a guy with a heart, willing to forego a larger fee if he can spare my little girl additional pain.

You may look at some things in life and ask, “Why does God allow that if He’s so good?” And from your perspective, the question might even make sense. Here’s the thing – you don’t have all the information. If you did, you’d agree with today’s verse. THE LORD IS GOOD!

I believe that if we knew everything God knows about any given situation, we would look at His actions and judge them to be good. I trust this because His word says the Lord is good.

And His promise that his love and faithfulness will last forever – that’s a promise we can rely upon.

With Christmas just a couple of weeks away, many of us are buying gifts. And for some of them, especially the big ones, we’ll be concerned about the guarantee. This Christmas, I hope that you receive one of the best gifts you can imagine – GOD’S GOODNESS AND LOVE. He guarantees it’s a gift that will last forever.

That’s a guarantee you can rely upon.

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