Perfect peace. It is not a pipe dream, but a promise. Do you want some?

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The word of God says that we who will keep our mind stayed upon Him will be able to walk in PERFECT PEACE. Can you imagine?? Peace in the midst of pressure. Peace in the midst of facing death and deep loss. Peace while fighting life’s greatest battles. PEACE !!!!


Real peace! not some phony “just ignore it and it will all go away” make believe sort of peace. Peace that calms the soul. Peace that makes no sense to those who have not “stayed their minds upon Him.”

Often people writing about this sort of peace will jump to an illustration of an eagle at this point. Lofty descriptions of how the eagle flies above the storm and how eagles use the winds of the storm to lift them up abound on the internet. You should search for the phrase “eagles in storms” or some such — the writings are very inspiring.

The problem with me is that my mind is not always like the eagle. In fact, I am more like a beagle. And a beagle puppy, at that.

Have you ever tried to teach a beagle puppy to “STAY”? It’s going to take a while! Puppies are easily distracted, and focused attention always seems just beyond their reach. Ah, but if they can only learn to obey! Then they can be rewarded.

It is only by continued practice that we train our minds to “STAY” and keep our focus upon HIM. He who is our peace. He who is our strength. He who is our provider. He does not just GIVE us these things, HE IS THESE THINGS. And when He lives within us and we teach our mind to STAY upon Him, then His peace rules within.

When His peace rules within, it makes no difference WHAT is happening around us. But it will require practice and determination to teach our minds to STAY.

Well, let’s determine to give it all we’ve got — and then receive all He’s got.


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