When you work for someone who is famous, the focus of attention is always upon them. They are the “big name” and you are the focused upon advancing their mission. In a word, it is never about you.

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I spent about ten years working for a former ambassador. He was well-known in an amazing number of places all around the world. In my experience, working for a famous boss demands incessant flexibility. The range and scope of projects they are involved in can be mind boggling. You can find yourself focused on a healthcare matter one minute, and planning a rescue the next.

But it actually gets better than that! Because I’ve been appointed an ambassador.

I have the privilege of working for the King of Kings, THE SINGLE most famous boss in the world. Whatever I do — no matter who the person is signing my paycheck — I keep in mind that TRULY AND ULTIMATELY I work for the King. Serving an audience of one. He has appointed me to be His ambassador. He’s inviting you to become one as well, and you can keep your “day job.”

It matters not whether your business card says you are a doctor, or lawyer, or government worker. It makes no difference if the uniform you wear proclaims you to be a garbage collector, police officer or nurse. If you have given your life to Jesus Christ then you, too, are called to work for HIM and to represent His Kingdom.


Never forget that, no matter WHAT OTHER ROLE you may have, you are also an AMBASSADOR for the King of Kings.

An ambassador is the highest official representative that a head of state can send to another nation. He represents the full power of the one who sent him and is called to carry the message of his sovereign. The ambassador is expected to subject his personal interests to those of the one who placed him in his role, and to serve the interests of the nation or kingdom he represents above all else.

Though these responsibilities apply equally to all ambassadors, it should be immediately evident that not all ambassadors are exactly the same, even ambassadors employed by the same nation. For example, if the United Kingdom sends an ambassador to Spain to represent the Crown, they would likely be a person who is familiar with the language, customs, and social interactions of the people who live in Spain. He would perform his services differently than an ambassador who was sent to Ghana or to China. The task is not different, nor the interests, only the methods of accomplishing those
tasks and the means of communicating and advancing those interests.

As ambassadors for the King of Kings, our task is not so very different. We are His representatives, whatever we lay our hands to. We carry His message, not our own. We work for His interests to accomplish His purposes and build HIS KINGDOM. It helps if we can bring the message to people and places where we’re familiar with the language, customs, and social interactions. That helps us be more effective.

Great jobs demand the best efforts. So, remember for Whom you work and WHATEVER you do, work at it heartily AS FOR THE LORD and not for men.

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