If you’ve ever watched a boxing match you know that some fights have no clear winner and no clear loser. But sometimes they get won by a knockout! we all face battles in our lives. Let’s talk about having a knockout victory in your life!

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We all face battles in our lives.

As regular readers will know, I often begin these daily devotionals with an illustration designed to lay the groundwork for the points that follow. I confess that my first thought when I selected this topic for today was to search for the phrase “overwhelming military victories” and find a suitable illustration. (Preferably from the United States Marine Corps, of course.)

But descriptions of overwhelming victory, as it turns out, are a rather gruesome affair. Far too graphic for this purpose.

So I decided to illustrate my opening point with YOU.

As I observed with my opening sentence, we all face battles in our lives. YOU know the battles you’re facing. You know with more excruciating detail what these battles have cost you. You, like me, may have painful and graphic memories of the times you’ve fallen and failed. The precise nature of the sin or sins that have held control in your life does not matter. Whether you’ve battled substance addictions, sexual perversions, uncontrollable violent anger, or any other sin — you know it and its pain all too well.

Hidden within your heart and memories are likely failures known only to you. Painful, vile and embarrassing falls from our own attempts at mastery over life-controlling sin. You and I – we are the most poignant illustration I could give.

Sin is very much akin to the siege of an island nation. It intends to cut off access to all resources, and destroy its enemy bit by bit until all will to resist has been overcome. Surrender leads to total mastery, and most often rapid death.


So here’s my question …. What would OVERWHELMING VICTORY look like in your life?

Can you picture what your life would look like if the sin that you battle with WASN’T in control? Pause here for a moment and ponder that, if you will. Just consider what freedom and peace you’d have if the siege was lifted. Savor the thought. Picture FREEDOM. Picture OVERWHELMING VICTORY.

I have been delivered from life-controlling sins too voluminous and disgusting to begin to list here. Like Saint Francis, I can say, “I have been all things unholy. If God can work through me, He can work through anyone.” God now uses that which the enemy intended for my destruction as a flag of victory that opens the doors for people still under siege.

What would OVERWHELMING VICTORY look like in YOUR life?

Today is the midpoint of the year. Tomorrow we enter the second half of the year as July begins.

Wouldn’t you like the rest of the year be a year of OVERWHELMING VICTORY for you? It can be, And next year. And the next – because God’s promise is as alive as He is. His power is not diminished.

Many stories of siege end with the arrival of reinforcements. The tide turns as the new army enters the scene. Those who appeared to have victory in hand are suddenly decimated and destroyed.

Take the promise of God and bring it onto your own heart. Say it to yourself in this manner ..

Christ can and does bring OVERWHELMING VICTORY into the lives of those who call upon him. Christ’s power DOES change lives.
I am a living testimony, and YOU CAN BE as well.

He often works through His hands and feet here on earth — His Church. If you want to see the overwhelming victory of Christ move in your life, we can help you claim His promise. If you want to pray with a man or woman of faith who will stand with you and walk the path leading to overwhelming victory, send a message. Use this platform, if you wish.

Or send an email with the subject line VICTORY to INFO –@– CEEC.CHURCH. (Remove the two dashes from around the “@” symbol when you type the email address.) We’ll connect you with someone who will graciously and tenderly introduce you to the OVERWHELMING VICTORY found in Jesus.

JESUS is ready for you. the reinforcements you’ve needed have arrived. Open your gates and welcome Him.


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