Have you ever been fired from a job? Or expelled from a school? When I was in high school, I almost got myself expelled – but probably NOT for the reason you think.

I hope you’re not TOO shocked about my near expulsion, but it is absolutely true. Some key points are needed to lay the groundwork for this incident. The school knew I held a black belt in karate, and the Headmaster had warned me that, if I ever used karate upon one of the students or staff, I’d be expelled.

One afternoon I got into a minor altercation with one of the school bullies. I saw a teacher chasing him across an athletic field, and they were heading towards the school building I was in. As they ran into the building, I simply got in his way, and held the bully against the wall with my arm. The teacher arrived in a few seconds, grabbed the errant student by the collar and pulled him into a classroom to do what teachers at strict Catholic schools do to students who pick fights with teachers. I thought the incident was over.

A short time later I had to go to the gymnasium to gather some of my belongings from my locker and, much to my surprise, the bully was in the locker room. As I said, I thought the incident was over; he didn’t share that opinion. He began to curse me out and spew multiple vulgarities at me. I ignored him, because I believe the best way to win a fight is to avoid it entirely. I had almost finished loading my gear into my bag when he said, “… and your mother is a #@%$# whore!” At that point, I just about lost it.

I walked over to him and in the coldest voice I could muster warned him, “If you say one more word …” That’s all I got out of my mouth before he began to say, “You don’t …” At that point I determined that enough was enough. I snapped a backfist into his right eye, which caused him to reel backwards and bring both hands to his face, exposing his stomach. I immediately drove a powerful punch into his gut, and he doubled over in pain. Then I hit him with a roundhouse kick that lifted him off the ground and drove him backwards into the lockers.

Crying as he picked himself up from the floor, the bully said four words that struck real fear in my heart. “I’m telling the Headmaster.”

The next morning when I was called to the school office, I was certain I was going to be expelled. As I walked in, the Headmaster and the original teacher I spoke about were listening to the boy I had pommeled describe the incident pretty accurately. I was sunk. Then the teacher spoke up.

“I’ve heard enough of this garbage, Headmaster. First of all, this incident didn’t happen in the gym, it happened in Lionel Hall. Secondly, Gosselin did NOT punch and kick him at all! He pushed him against the wall for a few seconds. I am the one who grabbed him by the collar, pulled him aside and smacked him up side of the head for his rudeness.” When the bully began to protest, I thought the Headmaster was going to jump out of his skin. He turned to the other young man and demanded loudly, “ARE YOU CALLING BROTHER DAN A LIAR ????” There is only one acceptable answer to that question, and the bully meekly replied, “No, sir.”

Then the headmaster turned to me and said, “Mr. Gosselin, you can go.” So I did.

Today’s verse teaches us that PERFECT LOVE EXPELS ALL FEAR.

Fear is a bully. Fear robs you of hope. Fear paralyses your purpose and holds you back from the very things that will bring you the greatest fulfillment and joy.

Fear will punch you in the eye, smack you in the gut and kick you up against a wall. Anything to stop you from taking hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of you. I DESERVED to be expelled, even though I wasn’t.


You don’t need to allow fear to rule your life, because PERFECT LOVE EXPELS ALL FEAR. You can choose to invite PERFECT LOVE into your heart. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and the bible tells us that God is love. Jesus is PERFECT LOVE. When He enters your life, He can expel all fear.


ALL of it, whatever the source. There is no situation in your life that would not be improved by expelling fear and inserting love and faith. Faith changes everything. Faith brings hope and plants it in the midst of the worst trials and crises. Hope is a light on the pathway of our despair. Hope allows you to reach out and try to take hold of the good things God has ordained for you to walk in. Hope is the light when everything else is dark.

I DESERVED to be expelled, even though I wasn’t. FEAR NEEDS TO BE EXPELLED FROM YOUR LIFE. Don’t let fear bully you and hold you back. Don’t give it another day, not another minute. Boot it out of your life. Let Jesus have control, and ask Him to EXPEL ALL FEAR.

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