Open Letter From Our Bishop Primus

To All the Provincial Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, Head of the Institutions and the Congregations!  Beloved in Christ,

Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I thank my God always on your behalf, for the grace of God which is given you by Jesus Christ.

I am writing this letter with deep consent to offer you a prayerful encouragement at this hour of crisis and to enliven your lives by His infallible Word.

Presently we are running through difficult times with the Church entering into a dark and gloomy phase. As I write this letter, I sincerely pray to the God of All Comforts to Comfort, Encourage and Strengthen you. He is our Jehovah Jireh who will take care of All your Needs according to His Riches in Glory by Christ (Phil 4:19). Glory to His Holy Name!

COVID-19 Pandemic – The virus has currently spread to over 200 countries, infected over 1.6 million people, causing the deaths of more than 101,000 patients. This  impact has devastated empires, economies and societies thus enforcing a restructuring of political, economic and social lives as a whole.

Present SAGA – COVID-19, with its self-isolation, social distancing and lock downs, has severely restricted the communal and congregational aspects of all faiths. The widespread devastation caused by pandemics has impacted history in profound ways. This has been worsening the lives and livelihood of the vulnerable. So what does Covid-19 Portend for us? Would it be a business as usual for the common man or, will the modern person conclude, as did her ancestor after the Spanish Flu, that the pandemic is merely a fresh challenge that can in time be tamed by scientific exploration and investigation rather than recourse to anonymous divinity?
The Answer is absolutely NO…

What Do we Infer? – Beginning of Sorrows: Dearly Beloved, what do we foresee in these turn of events? Seeing them in the light of the Word of God I could affirm that we are currently living in perilous times in coincidence to Mathew 24: 4-8 as the Beginning of Sorrows clearly indicating the Secret Return of our Dear Lord and Savior.

What Should we do NOW?

 Avoid Spiritual Distancing:  Albeit for various reasons, we maintain physical distance (separation)  from one another, it is much more important than ever that we draw closer to one another spiritually being united in prayer. Stay Close ..connected spiritually!

Admonish One Another – As we draw near to His Soon Return as per Hebrews 10:25 let us counsel and encourage each other through social media, teleconferences, etc.

Watch and Pray! – As we eagerly await His Soon Return let us always maintain the Spiritual Temper of Praying Always without ceasing (Luke 21:36)

Lift Your Head: When these happenings are doing the rounds globally, lets Lift Up Our Head because our redemption is Drawing Near (Luke 21:28)

Do I have a Future in Store? – Yes! You do have a Bright Future..Till He Returns!

Neither the daily news via Social Media nor any Newspaper could ever keep you in constant grip of Fear of your Future. Your FUTURE is in God’s HANDS. When things seem quite unseemly and clouds gather embarking gloomy days ahead, do  not be discouraged as God does all in His PERFECT TIMING! You Future is in Store!


Trust in God: Isa 26:3 says You will keep him I Perfect Peace whose mind rests on you

Seek God – Math 6:33 says Seek ye First the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all things will be added unto you.

Draw from His Abundance –  Psa 84:11 says No good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. You will never be deprived of any good gift or blessing if you remain upright before Him.

Arise and Shine! – Lastly, Darkness may cover the Earth and Gross Darkness the people, but His Chosen People should Arise and Shine.. Now is the Set Time!

In light of all these experiences we have undergone we feel mutually enriched, encouraged and strengthened within!

I thank all of you, dear Synod Provincial Archbishops, Bishops, Fathers, Fraternal Delegates, Auditors and Assessors, parish priests and families, for your cooperation and support to the CEEC.CHURCH. I personally thank all those unnamed men and women who contributed generously to the labors  by quietly working behind the scenes.

Be assured of my prayers, that the Lord will reward all of you when He returns in His Glory (Rev 22: 12).

May the God of Love, Peace and All Grace continue to be with you all and guide you till His Soon return!


 Yours in the Lord’s Vineyard,
++ A. John Sathiyakumar

Bishop Primus-Elect
Continuing Evangelical Episcopal Communion

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