One of my sons has a saying …. “Make stupid choices; win stupid prizes!” And he’s right. I’m not talking about the occasional slip-up. We all do things that would never make it into the list of our top ten best life choices. I’ve stood on the very, very top step of a ladder that … Read more

Andrew Breitbart Was Wrong?

Original Publication in CRISIS MAGAZINE on Mar 5, 2021 by Austin Ruse Politics is downstream from culture. You have heard it plenty of times. Andrew Breitbart coined it, and many conservatives have adopted it as a truism, almost as gospel. But is it true? Sure, it’s true. It makes perfect sense. The country’s political views … Read more

Hope Lives

Credit: Matt Walsh’s insightful presentation at Baylor University The Continuing Evangelical Episcopal Communion is decidedly and determinately PRO-LIFE. Concerning Sanctity of Life, our Canons state, “God, and not man, is the creator of human life. The unjustified taking of life is sinful. Therefore, all members and Clergy are called to promote and respect the sanctity … Read more

Sacred Heart Church Opens Doors

Nov 1, 2020 – HAVELOCK, NC Fr. Rick Smith and his wife Sherri gathered their new congregation for the celebration of the inaugural Mass at the CEEC.CHURCH’s Sacred Heart Church at 925 E Main Street in Havelock, NC. About two dozen people came together to launch the newest CEEC.CHURCH Church, most of whom will remain … Read more

CEEC.CHURCH and CCAC Announce Inter-Communion

14 SEP 2020 – JACKSONVILLE FL Today the Continuing Evangelical Episcopal Communion and the US-based Communion of the Convergence Anglican Church announced that they have concluded a Concordat of Inter-Communion in order to develop greater partnerships for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Bishop Joe Butler, Primate of the Communion of the Convergence Anglican Church, spoke … Read more

Pakistan Youth Ministry

PAKISTAN – In Pir Mahal (the TOBA Diocese) The CEEC.CHURCH is sometimes known by different names in different nations, either as a result of previous registrations of historical necessity. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the world’s fifth most populous nation with a population of 212 million, the CEEC.CHURCH is known as THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH … Read more

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