Solar-Powered Evangelism

by Bishop Robert Gosselin

In the past few months, the CEEC.CHURCH Int’l Commission on World Mission has been blessed with The Jesus Film Project donating close to $20,000 of equipment that will help us to preach the Gospel and plant churches in several new and challenging places across the world. This donation includes digital projection units, sound systems, solar panels and batteries,  115″ projection screens, and a specially-designed backpack to carry it all.

This is the Vista Bright 200, a solar powered miniature projection and audio system we are using to spread the Gospel. The projector reads media from microSD cards loaded with a wide variety of evangelistic materials. This system equips the field worker to show these materials to crowds of 200+ viewers in remote areas with limited access to electricity.

The purpose of this equipment donation is to aid in the fulfillment of the Great Commission by equipping churches, denominations, organizations, ministries, missions and individuals to more effectively share the gospel message for the purpose of evangelism, follow-up and church planting. Powered by a foldable solar panel that can recharge the battery, these backpacks ship with The Jesus Film, Walking With Jesus, Magdalena, The Story of Jesus for Children, Life of Jesus (Gospel of John), a complete Discipleship Collection and other teaching materials in several local languages. Each receiving church will attempt to use it at least 50-100 times per year, and will report the results each six months.

At this point, these backpacks have been provided to Israel, Jordan, Kenya and Mexico; and two backpack units have been shipped into South Sudan and Uganda. We will shortly be delivering backpack units into Burkina Faso and Ghana. We are still determining locations for the final two units that have been donated.

In Israel, we are cooperating with the CMJ ministry team, and The Jesus Film is being shown on Friday evenings at Christ Church in Jerusalem, the oldest Protestant church in the Middle East, with the languages rotating between Hebrew, Russian and Arabic while English subtitles are displayed on the screen.

Here you can see Bishop Yepeta Sika and Canon Gabriel Matthew from the Diocese of South Sudan as they practice setting up the projector system being sent to South Sudan.

Regular evangelism efforts are undertaken in the villages of South Sudan that are able to be reached by motorcycle surrounding the main western base of operations in Yambio, which is Christ the King Church. They will initially use the equipment in the new works being developed in Diabio, Gangara Emilia, Nabiapai, and Nawangu; with additional outreaches to other villages and communities in the region. Their current focus is to push westward to the region that includes Wau, which is largely unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The CEEC.CHURCH Diocese of Mexico, with a group of priests operating among the poor of Mexico City, will use their unit primarily for evangelism, discipleship and children’s ministry.

Here you see Fr. Luis Menendez, OSB from the CEEC.CHURCH Order of St. Benedict in Miami as he carries the box with Mexico’s evangelism backpack.

Can you imagine how excited people who live in the Mexico City garbage dump will be to have these videos being shown!

The CEEC.CHURCH has just planted New Life Church, a new church approx 12-15km north of Nairobi. This equipment will be used to expand the reach and impact of our evangelism team, and build a group of new believers as we build the church.

Pastor David Kiruthi Maina will be meeting our courier next week to receive the unit for New Life Church in Nairobi, Kenya.

The CEEC.CHURCH is leading a partnership missionary project in Ghana with an existing local church leader. Together we are seeking to establish a missionary diocese for the CEEC.CHURCH in Ghana.

We are working a multifaceted strategy in Ghana, leveraging relationships with existing churches and a bible school. They local team leader will assign a group of students from their Community Bible College & Seminary to undertake monthly practical evangelism/fieldwork where Jesus film and other CRU media will be shown local languages where necessary. Team leaders will organize regular interdenominational local evangelistic outreach programs from community to community and from one district to another, winning souls in 2 to 3 days program and later sharing the souls won among the participating churches. This will go a long way to boost the numerical growth of the participating churches.

Through the interdenominational evangelistic outreach and Jesus film programs, local team will enroll interested participating local churches into CEEC.CHURCH, thereby forming the CEEC.CHURCH Ghana Missionary Diocese. Initially our activities will start in the greater Accra region of Ghana, and with time extend to the Eastern Region and the Volta Region of Ghana. As the Lord blesses us, we shall extend this to other places.

If you have ideas for places where additional backpacks can be deployed, ideas for media, or just general questions – contact us with your questions or ideas.

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