The Blind Leading The Blind —- TO HOPE

Luke Wamite – CEEC.CHURCH South Sudan

Today the greetings to all of our brothers and sisters in Christ in the CEEC.CHURCH around the world come from the outdoor evangelism team based in Yambio.

In the photo to the left, you may see a man known in South Sudan as ” Evangelist Samuel the Blind.” He is a man of great character, and holds a deep conviction that people everywhere need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

From the white cane he holds in his left hand, you’ll notice that his moniker is not some meaningless title. Brother Samuel is, in fact, physically blind.

However, he is NOT the only blind person in the photo.

Many of the South Sudanese who gathered for the open air evangelistic event recently had been blinded by their pain and suffering. In fact, that was not the worst of it. Not only were they BLIND, but they were dead in their trespasses and sin.

But after two days of fasting and prayer in the nearby CEEC.CHURCH Sardis Church (formerly called “Gangara Emilia”), they heard the voice of Jesus as He spoke through a blind evangelist, and many decided to repent of their sin and follow Jesus as Lord. PRAISE GOD!!!!! He is faithful.

Afterwards , Rev. Fr. Basiame shared a message encouraging the people who had gathered there to be like Zacchaeus, who expended great effort to make sure he did not miss Jesus as He passed by.

Thank you for your prayers, please CONTINUE to pray for us; that we may have the means to preach the Gospel into the difficult areas of South Sudan.

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