Kids’ songs can be cute, though the messages can occasionally be somewhat strange.

With apologies to my international readers, I confess that I do not know if my examples of American children’s songs will carry over to your culture or not. Sadly, I can only draw from my own childhood memories in this regard. ?

If you’re determined to bring a smile to a young child’s face, This Old Man is a song that pretty much guarantees the result. “This old man, he plays one; He plays knick knack on my thumb, With a knick knack paddy wack Give a dog a bone, This old man comes rolling home.” Rhyme and rhythm make the song fun as the old man continues to play “knick knack” (whatever THAT is!) on everything from doors and gates to knees and bee hives. But in the process, children learn to count and have a blast doing it.

In the grocery store a few days ago, a young boy was singing “The wheels on the bus go round and round.” He was obviously very pleased with his singing ability, judging from the volume. I’ll have to admit that he had the first verse down pat. He was singing it over and over and over. I’ll bet that the mom can’t wait for him to learn that the bus has wipers that go swish, a horn that goes beep and people that go up and down. She seemed to be pretty tired of verse one!

A favorite bible song for parents to teach their children goes like this:

1-2-3, Jesus Love Me
1-2, Jesus Loves YOU!

That’s just the first verse, of course. At 2-3-4 you learn He loves you more than you’ve ever been loved before. And at 5-6-7 you learn about going to heaven.

But the core lesson of Jesus loving you is as simple as 1-2-3. Just like today’s verse that reminds that loving Him back is also as simple as 1-2-3.


It doesn’t get much simpler than that.
Even a child can do it.

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