Getting the Expert Rifle qualification from the United States Marines is not an easy task. It requires you to be able to consistently hit a man-sized target from 200, 300 and 500 yards away. Of course, there are several factors that go into honing that process. But, for me, I found the key was recognizing that there was only one place to look – the sweet spot on the front sight.

If I could keep the two wings of the front site nestled in the same position in the circular aiming reticle of the rear iron sight, I could hit the target downrange. And I did.

It really takes practice. The temptation was to allow my eyes to focus downrange on the target. But that never ended well. I had to KEEP MY EYES FOCUSED on the relationship between the rear sight and the front site – ESPECIALLY the position of the front sight … then just let that sight picture move into position over the heart of the target. The target in the distance would appear a bit blurry because my focus was on the sights, and that’s what made it hard. But it worked every time.

When it comes right down to it, there’s only one place to look. Keep your eyes on the front sight and where IT is positioned.

Serving Jesus works pretty much the same way. If you (the rear sight) are not in the proper relationship with Jesus (the FRONT SIGHT) then there is no way you’ll hit the target. You’ve got to keep your eyes on the front sight. THEN acquire the target.

And don’t worry if the target is a bit blurry. The distant targets always will be. But if you will just KEEP YOUR EYES FOCUSED ON JESUS, you’ll hit the target. It works every time.

There’s ONLY one place to look !!!

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