HELP !!!

I’m typically in bed and wrapping up my day with evening prayers at 8:30pm or so. My normal schedule is to arise very early in the morning to pray and write, and that requires an early bedtime. But I find that I can get a “whole day” of work done in the early morning hours, because there are so few interruptions.

That has NOT been the case over the last five days !!!! Between out-of-town visitors, installations and ordinations, late night concerts followed by later-night after-concert dinners, contractual delivery commitments and 10001 other things – my schedule has been tossed in the bin.

And so I pray the simplest prayer one can pray —- JESUS, HELP ME !!!

You can’t pull one word out of that prayer without losing significant meaning.

JESUS – My source. My everything.
HELP – I cannot do it on my own; if You don’t show up, I’m done for.
ME – Your son needs you.

I’m so grateful that my help comes from the Lord !!!!

Somedays (like TODAY, for instance) – a three word prayer is about all I have time for.

He still listens.

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