I recently read an article about how to properly light an Electronic Dance Music (or EDM) event like a rave. Light is a major part of the experience in those events.

First of all, you’ve got to have a suite of different lights. You need conventional lights, LED fixtures, moving lights and lasers. You need the warm glow of conventional lights to provide the foundation, and they’re an essential tool for lighting the talent onstage. LED fixtures are great because of their responsiveness to instant touches and their flexibility. You can use LEDs to light just about anything – the talent, the audience, the backdrop, the venue. Total flexibility and an almost unlimited color palette. Moving lights create energy. The have the ability to be static, but it’s when they are moving that they really stand out and have their greatest impact. Lasers are used to punch through the darkness and haze, and have different power levels; but their incredible focus allows them to cut across an entire venue.

But just HAVING all these lights is pointless without a great controller. The light show comes from having great CONTROL over your lights, not just from having lights. Of course the final thing you need to accompany the lights and the controller is a skilled operator. It is, in fact, the operator’s skill that truly makes it all come together. A massive rig of lights and a great controller board will sit there doing nothing unless and until a skilled operator steps in and makes things happen.

Jesus said a few important things about light, power and control.

Jesus said, “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.” He’s the source. No Jesus, no light. You may THINK you have light without Him, but it is not light sufficient for life. My entire attic is lit by a single 100 watts light bulb. It is basically sufficient for the few times a year when I need to crawl up there and retrieve a box. But it’s not sufficient for daily life. If it was the only “light” I ever had, my body would eventually become sick and die. REAL LIGHT comes from the sun, and my body needs it to have essential vitamins delivered. Without them, my body functions are impaired, I will grow ill and eventually die.

You may think your money, family, job or home are sufficient. As wonderful as any or all of those may be, they are small wattage bulbs and incapable of delivering the REAL LIGHT that your life requires. Just like before – REAL LIGHT comes from the SON.

His light in us – the light of a loving relationship with Him as our Lord – gives us the light that leads to life. Once we have His light in us, then WE are the light of the world. It is most certainly HIS LIGHT and not our own that brings light to the world; but that is how He uses us to advance His Kingdom.

Some of you reading this are conventional lights. You give off a warm glow of His love, providing the foundation that makes people feel welcome in your home or in your church. And you’re an essential element for lighting “the Talent” – which is Jesus, by the way. Others of you are LEDs, and able to flex instantly in response to His touch. He can place you into just about any situation and use you; your gifts and skills are broad. You may be a moving light, which I see as one with an apostolic ministry. There are times, of course, when you’re “static” and remaining in a local church. It may be your home base, or it may be a church you’ve planted and in which you’re raising up local leadership; but your greatest value is seen when you’re on the move! Or you may be one of God’s lasers, punching through haze and darkness with focused insights on life issues and God-given answers to complex problems.

Our controller board is the Holy Spirit. Adjusting properties and focus, intensity and duration. Moving various lights all over the venue, popping them on and off individually and in sync with other lights for the maximum impact. Displaying just the right light at just the right time.

Jesus is the master operator. He makes it all come together.

You, my friend, were created to be a tool of light in the hands of the master operator. If you don’t know Jesus yet, you’re living in darkness. He offers you LIGHT and LIFE.

If you know Him, let me ask you how well you’re connected. A light with a broken connection to the control board is still a light, but it is useless in terms of its responsiveness to the operator. Make sure your connection is strong.

Let the light show begin, because there’s PLENTY of darkness all around us.


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