You may be thinking, “The Bishop’s off his rocker! Why would he be wishing someone a Happy New Year in NOVEMBER???” It is because there are more calendars than just our regular civil one. The regular civil calendar, of course, begins on January 1. And you may be aware that the Jews celebrate their new … Read more


When I was in high school, I almost got myself expelled. I hope you’re not TOO shocked, but it is absolutely true. Some key points are needed to lay the groundwork for this incident. The school knew I held a black belt in karate, and the Headmaster had warned me that, if I ever used … Read more


Sometimes when you’re making a purchase, one of the elements you consider is the guarantee. For other things, the guarantee just doesn’t make that much difference. If you buy any electronics item at Walmart stores in the United States, they will offer you a two-year warranty for an extra fee. I was recently buying an … Read more


When someone has prepared too much food and has some to put away and save for later, we call those food items “leftovers” in the United States. Leftovers can make a pretty good meal sometimes. Lasagna always seems to taste better the next day, for some reason. Potato salad as well. In fact, we’ve had … Read more


Whether you start with a small amount of something or a larger amount of something, asking for ALL of something is probably going to be a lot to ask for. Especially from the person who has to give it all. People carry different amounts of cash with them at different times. I typically have some … Read more


Some things matter, others don’t. A couple of weeks ago I received a check drawn on the United States Treasury. It was a final disbursement of his pension as a US Postal worker. On that same day I also received a printed letter in the mail instructing me that, even though this check was not … Read more


Let me begin with a quote of one short paragraph from yesterday’s Veterans Day devotional. “When someone has chosen to give their life for yours, that very act demands honor. It is an act so utterly selfless that to brush it aside without truly and deliberately considering their sacrifice and motivation is crass and rude. … Read more


Today’s devotional will be short and to the point. Some things ought not be forgotten. Ever. On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month multiple nations around the world pause to remember those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy. Some things ought not be forgotten. Ever. We … Read more


For a very long time now, the hashtag #LOVE has been Instagram’s number one used tag. It has over 2.1 BILLION shares. That’s a LOT !!!! So, obviously, a lot of us here on this little planet are very interested in the topic of love. We post pictures of people and things we love. We … Read more


following too closely Have you ever been driving down the highway and seen one driver following another car WAY TOO closely? I feel frustrated when someone does it to me, and have to fight the temptation to “brake check” the driver into considering more space. (For those reading the translated versions of this devotional, in … Read more

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