When I speak about freedom – What images flood your mind? Open doors? Sailing ships or airplanes? Broad fields with far horizons. If you dream of true freedom, I have some good news for you today.

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Few things deliver an image of total freedom in my mind better than a stately bird floating in the sky overhead.

I have a beautiful hawk that lives in the area. I see him from time to time, but I hear him more frequently. Many birds of different sizes fly all about, but he commands a sense of majesty with his presence. I often find my self stopping work for a moment when I hear his voice. But when I see him flying overhead, I always stop and watch. There is a power in his freedom that is admirable.

Today’s verse says YOU WERE CHOSEN TO BE FREE

FREEDOM is powerful. Both freedom FROM things, and the freedom TO DO things. The Holy Spirit fills us with HIS MIGHTY POWER, and we see both sorts of freedom impact in our lives.

The power of God’s life-giving Spirit has freed us FROM the power of sin in our lives. He alone has such a command over our heart. He can (and DOES) set people free.

I remember a night where I spent some hours with a group of men who are learning to walk in the freedom Christ’s Holy Spirit brings, and a few men who are intrigued by the thought that such freedom might be open to them. One of the men has openly shared about sins in his past that almost destroyed him, his marriage and his family. These were sins that consumed him, as well as controlled him. But the power of God’s life-giving Spirit has freed him; and he walks in victory. His life is pure and being purified, he walks from day to day in victory; but always relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit to remain free. His testimony encouraged these men, who needed to know that freedom from their demons is offered by Christ.

Sin leads to death. Period. Full stop.

There is only one destination, and it is not a welcome one. The controlling sin in your life will continue to drag you down, deeper and deeper and deeper. Finally, it will crush you. In the end, death is price.

But the good news is that price has ALREADY been paid on your behalf. It is a gift, waiting to be received. Freedom awaits those who want it.

I told you about seeing my neighborhood hawk flying above the treetops. But I’ve also seen the dead carcasses of hawks decomposing on the sides of the road, struck and killed by cars. At first glance, one wonders how that can even have occurred. Being stuck by a truck or a car results in instant death for a beautiful creature that had the capacity to fly well out of the reach of those vehicles. The hawk is unaware of the dangers it faces when he flies low, but that doesn’t change the danger. Like hawks, our choices have consequences; even if we are unaware of what those consequences might be.

But OUR FREEDOM allows us to CHOOSE the path that leads to life and freedom — forever. Our freedom allows us to give ourselves fully and wholly to Jesus Christ. And when we do, He gives Himself fully and wholly to us. He then frees us from sin’s power to control us. In that freedom, we are offered the opportunity for the greatest exchange. We abandon death and receive life.

If your life is controlled by sin, Christ offers you the greatest freedom you can imagine. I’d love to discuss it. Message me.

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